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I can't find information anywhwere about this? i have asked the managers at work about his but they always refer me to someone else!

ugh, i hate how this post has to be at least a hundred words because i dont really have anything else to write so.. l

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What is the criteria that has to be met to receive a high school graduate, with a diploma, raise? Can the raise be denied?

I asked HR why I didn't receive a raise and was told that the cashier supervisor denied it.

I didn't receive a reason why, can I appeal my raise?

Sincerely, Hannah


The pay raise is from minimum wage in that state to the base pay for your area. Some areas are a higher base pay (such as Chicago) while other areas have a lower starting pay because they are not in a metro area.

It is all based off of the cost of living in that particular area! I believe it is around 8.35 an hour Monday through Friday for most!


the pay raise is two dollars. trust me, the two years i worked there while in school where well worth it when i got the pay raise.


wow 9 dollars! menards is the best.

actually, I don't believe they would even pay that.

Why does a load builder that has been at Menards for six years make $8.50? Why does he always bi tch about 10c raises?


Hey, I have worked at menards in the chicagoland area for 2 and a half years and when i brought in my diploma i was bumped up to $9.00 for weekdays and $11.50 for weekends. Bring in a copy of the diploma to the HR and he or she should get you set up.


im a highschool graduate who works at menards and i get 8.35 on weekdays and 10.85 on weekends


It's a lot more than 10 cents.


as long as you bring in your diploma to your hr it should be 10cents like any other raise!


Did you ask you Human resource coordinator?