Melrose Park, Illinois
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Today I confirmed why I closed my credit card with Menards years ago and only go there when I have no other choice. I purchased an item tagged at $9.99 and was charged $12.99.

When I noticed the receipt, I spoke to the customer service person. She sent someone to look for the tag at the bin. After 10 minutes, she came back and could not find the item. I had to take her to the bin where the product was.

Once the customer service person had the tag indicating $9.99, she had to do a return of the original item and charge for the correct price. After waiting another 10 minutes, there was another customer also waiting for a price adjustment, they were waiting for another person to approve the price adjustment. When I asked if she could not approve the $3.00 adjustment, she told me they are not allowed to approve any price adjustments. What an inefficient way to run a customer service dept.

when they cannot even approve a $3.00 transaction even when the price is wrong on the tag. There is no wonder they are in third place behind Home Depot and Lowe's.

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Actually, considering that Home Depot and Lowe's is nation wide while Menards is only in a handful of states Menards ranks consistently well statistically.


Well we all see this Obama supporter who claims to be a employee at menards is back at it. Who cares how much money menards makes anyway?

It's people like this employee that makes menards what it is, A JOKE!

Lowes and Home Depot will treat their customers with respect. Stay away from menards, unless you want more problems in your life and just look at how messed up these menards employees are, including this real heartless person.


This is the Real Heartless(My secret admire is at it again). Menards is 3rd because it's a privately owned company, Home Depot and Lowe's are publicly traded.

They also each have x10 as many locations as Menards. However, I promise you in the state of Wisconsin where Menards originated from not one of those companies come even close to Menards does in sales.


hey welcome to bend over your at menards! I think it's great you don't shop there except in rare cases, I do the same.

Customer service is absent at menards, no question.

people who want to buck you on this are nothing more than oboma supporters anyway. stay away from menards unless you want to get treated this way.


9 of 10 times when there is a price check the customer looked at the wrong price (the price for the product above or below the one they took). You think they should take a customers word on $3.

The next person would say $5, the next $10. Where do you draw the line? They check them all.

As for the time you waited it seem odd that it took 10 minutes to look for the product and 10 minutes to process the refund after you showed them where it was located. This just goes to show people tend to exaggerate the time they spend in line.

@dont buy the whole story

I understand the store must confirm the price, no doubt. The time I actually waited was 10 minutes both time, no exageration. However, the point here is the lack of customer service, all else is irrelevant.


You do realize Menards is "in third place behind Home Depot and Lowe's" because Menards is a regional retailer and Home Depot and Lowes are nationwide? Menards sales are higher than both Home Depot and Lowes within Menards region.