Sedalia, Missouri

first experience was with the paint department they sold me some paint telling me that it was suitable for my application it was not going back to Sherman Williams and they had to take care of my problem I should have been smart leavingMenards alone then but that *** 11 percent rebate drew me back to go buy some railing for my front porch after I purchased the railing and question them whenever I purchased it that the hardware for the railing to the post came with the railing they told me yes several times when I got it it did not come with the post or the railing to mount it together I had to go back in and reorder now they're telling me it's going to take 2 to 3 weeks for their screw up to get my product. They said they called the company and they cannot ship FedEx which is funny because I just called the company before and they told me that yes they could ship FedEx Overnight however the customer would like I'm still waiting on a response back from them I'm sure they'll be more lies lies lies what a joke I tried calling the customer service in the main Menards and you get nowhere there either you spend 15 minutes listening to some recording on the phone and then you're supposed to leave a messageI did leave a message told him to take the 11 percent rebate use it for training their employeesI guess you get what you pay for I'm going to start paying for a little more service

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Even though this customer's writing skills are less than peachy, he does have a valid point. Menards is terrible at service, and many times products are incomplete out of the box.

They do have low prices, but, it's buyer beware over there. You are better off paying a little more somewhere else to insure you're getting the right thing.

Cheapest is'nt always the best. :( :(


I know, it sucks that you have to have 100 words to make your complaint. Yet employees here only need a couple to ridicule your efforts.

They will certainly trash you on here if you don't have or use spell and grammar check.

They are so clever. :zzz :x :eek


Congratulations! You have just created the longest most poorly written sstatement ever!


Please use punctuation next time. I quit reading halfway through the first and only sentence.


I'm a grammar finatic and that comment above is hilarious!!! HAAAAAAAhaaaahahahaha :grin :grin