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I am a local business owner and Real Estate Broker in the Avon area, just west of Indianapolis Indiana. Over the past 6 years, we have been buying, refurbishing and renting or selling distressed properties in the area. I have bought 98 % of my materials at Menards. Most purchases were made in the Avon store but I also have shopped at other stores close by such as Camby and Princeton Indiana. Almost all of my purchases have been made on a Menards Big Card or a Contractors card. Occasionally however, we have made purchases with checks and or cash.

Approximately 4-6 months ago, we needed a nail gun asap and I was not around to make the purchase with one of my cards so one of my employees made the purchase with cash as we needed it right away. After making the purchase however, we were able to repair the gun we already had so I told them to not open or use the new one and we would return it. Well after a series of events, the receipt could not be found so we just kept the nail gun in the tool room until we found the receipt. Well I finally gave up looking and decided to just take it back, be honest, take the sale price and a store credit. No problem on the store credit, we are constantly buying more stuff. I was going to the Camby area to get a haircut so took the gun to that store. I approached the customer service desk and explained my situation of no receipt. I had made exchanges before with no receipt, so I knew it was an inconvenience so I was patient. The front end manager, took the gun in the box and tossed it in a cart with other returns and said that she had to get an authorization from that department and that even if she did return it, it would be at the sale price of 199.00, not the 279.00, that I paid. No problem I said, I deserve that much for not having the receipt. A girl came and asked me lots of questions, where did you buy it and when. She also asked for my driver's license. She then handed me a paper and said that someone would call you after they investigated the situation. I said the situation, like its stolen or something? And she said yes. I said that this was not acceptable and that I either wanted a store credit, or my nail gun back. She said I would get neither until the investigation was complete. Someone will call you. I said no, I would like to speak to the manager.

The Manager (Michael) came up and treated me with suspicion from the beginning. I told him that I had done lots of business with Menards and that I deserved the benefit of doubt because I was a contractor. He said " I have dealt with lots of contractors that have stolen from us". Do you know So and so? (He named a mans name, and I said no. He said he was a very big contractor and that he has been caught stealing. I am shocked to hear these words come out of his mouth. I am beside myself and cant believe this guy is the store Manager. He said he couldn't help me until he verified the purchase. He called the Avon store where I bought it and was on the phone a while. They told him that there was in fact one of these bought during this time with cash. He said, I will help you out this time and give you a store credit. I said fine, I don't appreciate being treated this way but I would take it and leave, I would go to Avon to get the stuff I wanted. I wasn't going to spend any time in this guys store, ever. He gave me the credit and said, I'm glad I could help you out, I said "you totally insulted me, you didn't help me out"

After cooling down a bit, I went to the store in Avon. I picked out the 10 sheets of paneling I wanted and headed to the register. When I went to ring out, the girl said, that's funny, this store credit won't work. She called the cash manager who took the store credit and was gone for a while. When she came back she said" we can't help you or take the store credit because its been cancelled, you'll have to call the number that I wrote on the back". I left the store embarrassed and frustrated. I called the number and spoke to Dave. He was understanding and respectful in the beginning, but said he would have to investigate the return and call me back. "If you don't hear back from me by tomorrow, give me a call" He was not polite and not respectful at this time. He treated me like I was guilty of stealing.

I did not hear anything the rest of the day. Believe me, I was stressed about this all night. I was accused of stealing. Stealing from a company that I have had a six year relationship with. A company where I have spent somewhere between 100 to 200 thousand dollars. I couldn't believe it. I decide I will give Dave an opportunity to make this right. This was just a nightmare, a bad series of events.

I called him back the next morning. He said : well I have not been able to find the transaction, I need more information. I said, there is no more information. I bought it with cash around this date, and I have no receipt. He said: "that's not good enough, you have to prove that you bought it here" I said well I cant do that so fine, when can I pick up my merchandise then? He said, are you ready…. "YOU CAN'T" I said I can't?!!! It's my merchandise, how can you tell me I can't?!!! You gave me a store credit that is no good, to me it's no different than if I took merchandise from your store and gave you a bad check. It's the same to me. He said "without more information to enlighten us on your purchase, you can't have your money or the merchandise back and there is nothing more to discuss". Dave then HUNG UP ON ME!

Well I am beside myself. I am out 279.00, I have no store credit, I have been accused of stealing and I'm told there is nothing more to discuss!!!!! This is not acceptable. I called the Sherriff of Hendricks county. I told them that in my eyes, my merchandise has been stolen and or I have been issued a false credit.

The sheriff did the right thing, approached the Manager and said you have tree choices: 1 Press charges and show proof that stole from you, 2: Give his property back or 3 give him a store credit or money back. The store manager gave the deputy a new store credit and I was on my way. I went to the Avon store, got product to use the credit and was finished.

Menards treated a good customer, a good citizen, a hard working honest person, like a low life thief without good reason. I am not happy and I want a sincere apology . If not, I will make it my life goal to make sure as many people know about this as possible. I not only have shopped there but was a raving fan and told all my friends and family to go there. You guys need to do some serious training to get this issue resolved to prevent this from happening again.

Monetary Loss: $279.

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I had the exact thing just happen to me tonight at Menards. It was a nail gun as well.

I thought I was reading my own story. Anyway, they stated it was their policy but it's nothing more than stealing or lynch-mobbing. If this was the case when I felt I overpaid for a product I could be justified stealing something to balance it out.

Stealing is stealing no matter what and from a business like Menards it's sickening. A lawsuit would be fabulous..


They just did the same exact thing to me and my girlfriend because she couldn't remember the things you bought in the same day and they are refusing now a couple days before Christmas to give us our product back and so we're out almost $200 the guy's name was Mitch refuse to give me his last name he was in Wisconsin and if Cottage Grove Minnesota store is where return was attempted and the product stolen from us I will never shop at Menards again


Hi rhart64,

I am furious!!! I just had the same thing happen to me today at the Avon menards!

We have a contracting business as well and have been shopping at menards for as long as I can remember. Spent tons of money there over the years and have had to return things without receipts on lots of occasions. My parents bought us a wireless dog containment system to help us out a few months ago. We worked out of state for the last few months so just received it in the last couple weeks.

We learned this type of system doesn't work for our dog and wanted to return it or exchange it for a remote controlled shock collar. We took it to the return desk and the girl asked for my id since I didn't have a receipt and said that she had to get an override from her manager. The manager "Christina" came up and took the item and went to the other end of the desk and got on the phone. She was taking forever and kept looking down at me glaring so I told the girl that if it was a problem that I would keep it and check to see if my mom still had the receipt and she said that it was a high profile item so they had to check it out.

A little bit later another manager came over and asked for my again and walked away rudely. She came back a few minutes later only to tell me she was giving me a receipt to get the process started and that she needed more information about the purchase and was not giving me my item back. She stated that if I can't find the receipt then they keep the tine and I get nothing. I was extremely embarrassed abd in shock of how rude they all were to me and my husband.

They are the thieves and we do intend on contacting the police tomorrow to get our item back!

I was a little relieved to see that I am not the only one that has been treated like this by menards and glad to see the police will get involved and make it right. Thanks for your post!


We get stolen air nailers back all the time.....but I believe and feel sorry for you. They should have at least looked into it a little more.

However, being a contractor, you should have known how often tools get stolen and 1) Taken it back to Avon and 2) used something more traceable than cash. I wish they looked into it a little better for you, but you did the right thing by calling the police.

I'm not sure if Menards does things different than Lowe's though, I think Menards did the right thing initially. I just wish they investigated it more.


You did absolutely nothing wrong (sir or madam). What I found odd about this situation (since I've been at guest services for 2 years) is that they didn't track the SKU number associated with the nail gun in their computer to see when it was purchased.

In a return with no reciept (especially a high end nail gun and a different store) when a cashier does what's called a No Receipt Return and scans the item, sometimes a pop up box comes up and says something along the lines of ITEM NOT PURCHASED IN 90 DAYS SEE MANAGER FOR APPROVAL. So that's why they were on alert from the beginning. I'm sure you've heard of people stealing items and returning them for store credit or other purposes in obtaining a little extra cash. The way they treated you was absolutely appalling and I am sorry that this happened to you.

I guess my advice to you if you ever muster up a little desire to shop there is if you ever lose your receipt that's paid in cash, just take it to the original store. They can find out faster if you purchased that item there.

Again sorry this happened to you. :x


For real!!! I can not believe some of the comments this man has received on this string!!!

Regardless of it being a high theft item and regardless of him not having a receipt and regardless of him paying cash and regardless of policies at any retailer, do you realize this gentleman has a major law suit against Menard' can not (in the state of Indiana) nilly *** accuse a person of theft unless you see them steal it and when it is stolen you can not take your eyes off of them. He has several charges he could put against them. "Rhart64" get a good lawyer!!!

What should have happened was just a simple turn down of cash back or store credit if the less than professional store associates and manager thought Rhart64 stole it. You DO NOT i repeat DO NOT react in the manner in which these "associates" did.




I feel sorry for what happened to you. Glad to see you were able to finally get your store credit.

Rather then be mad at Menards be mad at all the low life jerks that shoplift. There needs to be stiffer laws to stop shoplifters.


That sucks and I am sorry that you were treated that way. BUT people have been stealing the nailers left and right. Not kidding.


So what you're saying essentially is, is that along with infinite space which extends beyond perpetual bigness there's also infinite smallness?


You need to get a life. What makes you think you should be able to return anything, anywhere, without a receipt?

You are supposed to be a big shot contractor, pull up your big boy pants, save your receipts for tax purposes like you're supposed to and you won't put everyone through the hassle of trying to take care of your dum asz. When thieves steal things, they operate in the exact manner you did.

Trying to return merchandise without receipts for cash, store credit or gift cards. Wake up.


You seriously are ignorant beyond belief. Just because theives act like normal people doesn't mean normal people should be assumed to be a theif.

Loads of innocent people have to return items without receipt because it has faded to nothing in a short time or some other problem with it. That does not mean they should be assumed guilty of stealing!! You are an ***.

Paedophiles act like caring fathers, so does that mean caring fathers should be assumed paedophiles?? Go back to the dumb place you came from.


I hear you man. I feel sorry for you. It's so ridiculous all the hoops that you have to go through when you return something that was paid with cash, and with no receipt. I'm not against you at all, but I must say, I work at a menards far away from where you are. and I know why they may have been suspicious.

1. paid with cash, no receipt. (instantly raises suspicion of theft)

2. item being returned is a pneumatic air nailer (extremely high theft item)

3. Ridiculous menards policies (makes customers feel useless inside)

I'm sorry to say, but there's no way to prove that you're a good and honest person to people who are trained to watch for theft and fraudulent returns. and it is very true that there are many 'menards faithful' contractors that have been caught stealing. So even though I BELIEVE YOU, I can see why store management did not. Once again, I'm sorry that you had to go all the way to the police just to get your money back from a company that makes its employees feel just as useless as their customers.