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I will not wear a Mask in your store.

User's recommendation: Shop somewhere else.

Preferred solution: Stop making people wear a MASK.

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You are wearing a mask for the time you are in the store. That's not going to do anything to your precious immune system.

You aren't smarter then the CDC and all the scientists that recommend a mask. Ignorant


That’s your choice. There are many other places you can shop. I commend Menards for taking such precaution to keep their associates and customers safe from the Corona virus pandemic!


How about helping your immunity system out by doing a Google search on how immunity is BUILT! You might be interested to know that Our Creator God made us in such a way we build our immunity by BEING EXPOSED to germs, etc. Yep, most people buy into the fact that this is needed when in fact, it is detrimental to helping us stay healthy.

@Kathy C

How well did that work for all the people that died from the virus?


Have you done any research on what MAKES your immune system function properly?? Just curious, because if so, you would realize the favor you are doing your own body by exposing yourself to all kinds of germs and viruses.

It is the WAY you create a healthy immune system, certainly not by protecting yourself. Just food for thought.

@Kathy C

The masks readily available won't prevent you from being exposed to the virus. All they are meant to do is to help people from spreading the virus anymore than it already is.


There is NO peered reviewed proof of your statement.

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