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We bought several items last week and when we checked out we were told we could not use the coupons we got in the mail or paper because we did not have a Big Card. Don't send us the ads then.

We buy most of our materials at Lowe's since it is closer to us. Most of our friends use Menards and we were satisfied with the products we bought just not the service.

No where in print could we find the fact that we must use a Big Card to purchase coupon the items we wanted to buy there.

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Chatham, New Jersey, United States #12475

Actually I am a head cashier and on the bottom of the coupons that we send out to our loyal Big card Holders, it clearly states to use the coupons the purchase must be a min. 10 (sometimes) exculding the coupon product and it must be paid for on the Big Card.

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States #10267

Dude I use to work up front and they do have coupons. They usually come out during labor day or memorial day weekend on full sheet ads.

Sometimes they have a random one or two in an ad but that is rare. But, they should be able to get those coupons in the ad we always have millions of those.

But to the other person. If you want the worthless coupons so bad get a card you don't have to use it.

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #8883

Well first off not ONE ad that menards runs ever..i mean EVER has coupons in it. We do however send out coupons to our guest how have a big card each month with their bill.

So there is no way for you to have coupons for menards unless you have a big card. Second did you how are you not sure if you got the "coupons" in the mail or paper?

I have a feeling you found the coupons in the parking lot because another guest lost them and tried to use them then realized you couldn't because they weren't yours. And what were the items you tried to buy?

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