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our beautiful deck looks like it was built with scrap or junk wood the rails that look so nice when we got them are all splitting the wood we paid more for the floor part has not only split but warped and is splintering so much we have had to buy indoor out door carpet so our grandchildren don't get slivers from it I am disgusted. I could have bought the quality of wood we were sold as grade a top notch at Walmart and saved a pile of money and the rails we paid so much for are the same quality of wood one year later they are all splitting and look awefull I feel like I was ripped off by manards don't buy your building wood from here you will be sorry come see my deck and you will know

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to "at the very least i would like to see them appear to want to make this rite by giving us in store credit to replace some of the wood and rails and the paint we wasted our money on because the wood was junk and it split any way" as the author lost $3000. This person is overall dissatisfied with Menards. the best about wood product from Menards was store size. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I would love to side with you but really it's lumber chances are it was fresh treated lumber and yourself or your installer didn't know or care enough to wait to install it as lumber dries it shrinks all those nails and screws u put in it caused the damage. Of u purchesed white wood and painted it in that case u would just be an ***.


Funny how science is a defect to you ppl. Lol #readabook


Wood id wood, it is not a manufactured product. Variations in climate and how you finished the wood to protect it will be a big factor in how it holds up over the years.

Painting is not a preferred way of protecting decking. Using wood preservatives or a high quality deck stain would have been better.

to Anonymous #1038496

Your mom's lips protect my wood.


Unfortunately Menard's, as much as i despise them, doesn't "make" the wood they sell. Neither does any other lumber retailer. You can complain to them all you want, but it sounds like you think they actually manufactured the wood themselves.

to Anonymous #1038468

That's right, blame the tree farm for the defective lumber.

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