Anderson, Indiana

Purchased a brand new Richmond water heater from Menards, installation went perfect, water heater would not light? Called the number on the install sheet, and what a joke!

Woman on the other end would not send a service person because I was not in the right zip code? WHAT? Hey I want to know does anybody live in the correct zip code for service? I called Menards, they would not refund my money, wanted to give me an in store credit?

Why do I want an in store credit when I don't have hot water? MISERABLE SERVICE!

I learned through my pocket book NEVER to buy anything important for you home from menards. Seems as though not only is there service poor but the majority of products in the store is quite inferior.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Richmond water heaters are bad news! Bradford white heaters far exceeds Richmond in quality and service.

American water heaters are good too. Stay away from Richmond water heaters!

Cosmetic appearance isn't important, It's when the gas valve is not functioning properly from the factory, why do they build them so poor? menards is pretty poor when it comes to service, I blame management.


Richmond water heaters can be in a perfect box and have defects in them. I opened a box up and saw the bottom seem dented in on one. it happens. You could blame menards, and go to home depot, who'll sell you a gm water heater that's made by (wait for it) Rheem, same company as Richmond..

the in store credit is the balance of the warranty return. We are supposed to swap it out apples for apples. This is an example of Menards customer service, honoring a manufacturer's warranty.

the bad water heaters are shipped back to the DC, i gotta assume they go to the manufacturer from there.


Kurt is what menards is all about! Wo as me, I work so hard, people treat me so bad, I can't do any better.

Kurt get a life!

You probably clean the bathrooms at menards anyway. Make sure you wash your hands ,lil kurt, before you eat fried chicken for lunch.


That Kirt guys is right. u guys are a bunch of whinyf ucks ! :p


Menards is a poor excuse for a home improvement store. They couldn't care less about the customer, I am convinced.

I have spent countless thousands with them and my check book is now closed.

Carter Lumber, in Anderson provides professional service and offers much better lumber, doors, millwork , etc. I hate to promote Lowes or Home Depot but they are better than menards when it comes to service.


Hey Marty, you probably work for menards don't you? your probably the reason for such miserable service at the anderson store, who cares about California?

The problem is service Marty not California. Menards has poor service.


What on earth are you talking about? The problem is service?

Someone is not looking at the big picture. In order for good service to occur a consumer must be willing to realize they don't know everything. The consumer must also realize that they are dealing with another human being and to get respect you must give respect. The average consumer treats retail store workers poorly.

The average consumer only hears what they want to hear. The average consumer just tosses out their receipt and owners manual then blames the retail associate.

The average consumer comes into my work place on a daily biases and makes a mess of the place while talking to us like we are trash. I don't think the average consumer would enjoy it very much if I came to their work place or home and tossed everything around in random locations and screamed and them until I got what I wanted.


Just what I thought, your one of the robots employed at menards. Well you and your kind are running off customers.

I experienced enough "team members" and store managers to understand none of you know what your talking about when it comes to home repair. So called training at menards is nothing more than a sales technique and you might fool some folks but Out here is the real world, folks will hear the truth about not only poor service at menards but the complete incompetence behind that little jacket with your name attached while the echo of saving big money dances through your head.


Marty: You are correct & anonymous is a typical disgruntled meathead who is never satisfied and must vent behind anonymity. I worked my way through the ranks at various Menards locations and not once in all those years was that unsatisfiable consumer rational.

They always want everything plus 10% and a steak dinner. The policies at Menards are fair and just to those who are not trying to pull a fast one. I imagine the policies at Home Depot and Lowes are also fair and just. I also imagine this same anonymous consumer is yelling at those 2 retailers on another thread.

Retailers such as Menards go out of their way to please consumers but must stay within guidelines for fear of getting shafted by liars.

They lose millions of dollars on their bottom lines each year taking the consumers words as the truth, as do a lot of their vendors. People like anonymous are drowning in self pitty and need to ***.

@Marty don't really believe what you write, do you? I mean you don't even read it before you print it to correct any mistakes.

Or you don't even see the mistakes, which is why you and all Menards employees make so many of them.

Sad, so sad. :cry


Blame Kurt, it's his fault.


Thats fine to bounce blame off of me. My skin has grown quite thick from f bombs thrown my way by disgruntled, anonymous, uninformed irrate individuals. :)


Kurt is a joke, for REAL! He will continue to be the problem, and no part of any solution.


Allendale Anonymous; You are too busy thinking for some reason that Menards managers get off on screwing Johnny Public which is furthest from the truth. Your idea of a solution is for the business that is doing the selling too always cave to the customer if they complain loud enough wether they are at fault or not. A REAL solution is for you to get your head out of your nether regions and breath fresh air so you can think straight.


Poor Kurt......I believe we hit a soft spot for you, huh? One of many on that head of yours :)


oberto0 or anonymous Allendale or whatever alias you use: You apparently have no ability to argue with fact base knowledge or critical thoughtful debate. You resort to name calling and sucked me in with you.

You should argue the facts if you choose to waste your time on this sight. I on the other hand will be going back to the real world of human interaction.

:) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


Kurt, you are WAY too clever for me. You have OBVIOUSLY put me in my place, and once again showed us ALL who you really are. Good luck in YOUR world of human interaction :eek


Hey I had the same thing happen at menards, service is very bad. Would not purchase another thing from there again.


Because we all know Menards has stores in California. Seriously people if your going to lie make it believable... If some how this is true be smart enough to say this was when I lived back in the Mid-West......