Springfield, Illinois

We bought an Amana washing machine on 10/27/13 and by 11/8/13 it was broke. We returned the whole washing machine back to Menards for a refund and they would not refund our money.

They said it was policy not to refund any merchandise after one week. The only way they would give us a refund was if the item was unopened and only one week old. What a joke?

Who would buy a washing machine and not open the package?

We even called Amana Corporate office and they said that was a *** policy and they were the only one they could even think of that would not take back an item if it broke down within two weeks.

Monetary Loss: $369.

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It's funny you want to blame Menards and then claim even the manufacture thinks its a ***** policy. The manufacture made that piece of junk your trying to return.

If it goes back to the store who do you think pays for it? Menards or the manufacture? IT'S THE MANUFACTURE. 99% of all the manufactures in USA want you to contact them if their is a problem, not the store that sold you the unit.

Be angry with the company that made the unit, not the company that's trying to protect their interest. The return policy is also stated on your receipt :) if your were a responsible consumer you would have read your receipt before the 7 days was up :).


The washing machine is covered under a manufactures warranty. If there is an initial failure it can be returned (that's where the one week comes from).

If it fails after that, during the one year manufacture warranty it will be repaired in your home.

Your statement that they will not refund any merchandise after 1 week is not correct. This only applies to major appliances that are covered by an in home repair warranty.


menards is the "pass the buck" capitol of the world. I had a problem with a brand new lawn mower I bought though them and would not return that either saying its not their problem.

File a credit card dispute with your card carrier even if used the menards card since the card is though capitol one and submit a detail letter of the situation along with pictures if needed. Once the dispute is approve then take the machine back to menards along with the printed approved credit card dispute and return what is now their property. The manager will walk away with the item like a dog with his tail between his legs.

One further note NEVER buy the menards extended warranty which not only has pages of exclusions but also among the fine print it indicates their is a limit of one repair or replacement of the item and then the extended warranty is void and expired reguarless of the balance of the warranty period.

thank you

@former menards customer

That's not what Menards says. Lawn Mowers once gas is put into them must go to a repair shop if there is an issue and will be covered under warranty if meets the requirements.

This is recommended by the manufactures Menards deals with. Menards is not a repair center and their employees are not educated enough to tell if it was a consumer caused issue or a defect in the mower.

This policy is labeled all over the area where you buy the mowers and is on your receipt. Ignorance should not be an excuse.


That is, indeed their policy. You need to contact Amana for warranty work, not just assume that you can return something after two weeks of use.

Don't blame Menard's. Blame Amana for making a defective product.

They are obliged under their warranty to fix it. Contact them.