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After purchasing some wood, I went to the back to the loading area to pick up my purchase. I was a woman by myself and when I was done getting my purchase I pulled up to the gate and was asked by the employee to sign a greasy filthy "ipad" type thing with my signature to "complete the pick up".

He didn't have a stylus and wanted me to use my finger and I refused and asked if he could clean it off and he said "no, just use your finger". I tried to use my key, a pen from my purse, even to cover my finger with a tissue in my vehicle and none of this worked so I refused to sign it. He said "well, you just sit there then" and slammed the "ipad" device on the counter in his little booth, still locking me behind the gate. I felt scared and threatened and unsure what was going on.

I wasn't stealing or anything and wasn't rude to the man. He made a phone call inside and eventually let me leave, raising the gate so I could leave. After he let me leave, I called the store mgr, Mr. Tony Williams, at 740.548.9697, who said he'd take care of it.

When I returned home, I told my husband what happened and he wrote a letter to the corporate offices and got a "canned" response from Ray with Mr. Williams name and phone number. Haven't heard anything else from anyone so I called the store back and talked to a young man, Steven, an asst mgr, who said Tony is on vacation but that Tony had told him about the situation. He said they were looking into getting a stylus or some wipes for that machine.

I asked about the safety issue and he acted like he had no idea what I was talking about. Eventually he was acting like he wasn't listening, even though I was trying to explain how I was concerned for my safety after not being able to leave the loading area. He didn't get it. Told me he'd let Tony know I called and would return my call when he returned.

We'll see.

Also found out they use a 3rd party security company for this gate position but wouldn't tell me the name of the company. So, this means they know NOTHING about this person and are trusting the 3rd party company with the security of the back area...I'll NEVER go back - NEVER!

Reason of review: personal safety and security.

Menards Cons: Feeling safe and secure, Response of local mgmt, Response of corporate mgmt, Companys ability to understand.

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I suppose you won't sit on a public toilet seat either. If you feel threatened going out in public you should take someone with you in the future.


I fail to see what exactly the problem is. You refused to sign and they did their job.

Why are you so afraid? Afraid of germs..... Afraid of being locked into the yard when you failed to comply..... You were perfectly safe and sound.

Why were you confused? There is nothing confusing about this, you had to sign to leave and you refused.......... Being a women has nothing to do with this.

Last I heard women were equal to men. So gender is hardly an excuse for being afraid or confused.....