I was just walked out of your DeKalb Menards facility as I was not wearing a mask due to my medical condition low and behold when we get to your cashier shes not wearing a mask either. This is not a law or mandatory you are to wear a mask if you are unable to keep 6 feet apart and it really doesnt matter because we are touching everything already your cashiers are not changing their gloves in between each customer so they are the ones spreading the virus. You did not let me come in because of my medical condition I will make sure that everybody knows and will never shop at Menards again due to your hypocrisy

User's recommendation: Do not shop at Menards they have completely gone down the drain.

Location: Fontana, Wisconsin

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All businesses have the right to refuse guest service for not wearing a mask if they choose to do so. Grow up and either wear one or DON'T GO SHOPPING if you can't follow a simple rule!!!!


They don't have rights to violate your civil liberties. If it's not Law, it's not enforcable.


Your story is confusing. You say they wouldn't let you enter because you wouldn't wear a mask but then complain that when you got to the cashier you complain that the aren't changing gloves. If you weren't allowed to enter how did you end up at a checkout?


Read the signs and obey. CDC guidelines to protect its workera not you. Cashiers wear gloves to protect them selves not you.


Actually CDC doesn't recommend masks but it's irrelevant if Menards wants to make ppl wear one they can do so on their private property

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