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He should of stayed in school..I met John Jr & he's an ***!! (Paul), Now he's a bit different..He is not an ***, he's just retarded.

But that's just my opinion..If you ever meet these people, You'll know what i mean..Course, just like any corporate A-holes, they don't care about people, they only care about Money...That is also evident in the materials they purchase to sell to the consumer.

Haft ***-ed warped junk..Gotta wonder how they can stay in business. And with the economy the way it is, ya, we really need people like this..

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Hey if you don't like what they have just go somewhere else. No one forced you to shop there. Douche.

Washington Court House, Ohio, United States #7417

to ex employee

yea i can believe that, ive heard the horror stories, i was sopose to go to eau claire last september.. thank god i ended up not having to go, i tend to stand up for myself and i would have a real hard time keeping my mouth shut there

Grafton, North Dakota, United States #6727

Menards Inc drills their employees on Guest Service. That is the only thing we care about....

satisfying the consumer.

We could be just like every one else but we go out of our way to make people happy. You're right sorry for trying to make your life easier

Wading River, New York, United States #5754

I agree the corperate monster family of Menards do leave a fowl taste in your mouth. I remember a meeting I went to at corperate in Eau Claire and the questions they wanted to answer for you had to be sent to them 3 months in advance to the meeting so they could look smart however, if you ask a question regarding anything they haven't had the chance to pre-address they attack you with ridicule and send a demotion or termination letter to your store.

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