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A young man approached me while shopping in the St Peters Mo. Location and said politely sir you have to wear a mask I informed him I had a medical condition that is affected by wearing a mask!

He said ok and walked off he later came back and politely said sir Im supposed to tell you that you have to wear a mask I said to him if your manager would come over here I will explain it to him why I cant and the young man said ok I will tell him thank you Happy

Well I continued looking at the leaf blowers and A gentleman named only Patrick walked up and said whats your problem I will throw you out of the store ! I asked are you the manager he said yes I said can I get your last name and he said no you can not now get out of the store now!

Well that did not set well with me and I stopped walking towards the exit and said well I dont know if Patrick with no last name is even the manager he hollered out Im calling the cops and another girl said Patrick do you want me to call them he said yes immediately!

I think this was where I was supposed to be in fear after he threatened to throw me out of the store and pointed his finger in my face! LOL I helped the young lady give the police my description and waited for the police to respond and a few minutes later

They showed up being led by Patrick with his Facemask pulled up under his nose and an officer with no mask at all so I hollered out at the officers hey get a mask on before Patrick throws you out too LOL LOL

User's recommendation: Don’t let Patrick or other employees threaten you.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Sounds like a bogus review to me as I doubt the police officers showed up without masks.

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