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I bought a whirlpool washer and dryer. I was told that it would be delivered in 7-10 days.

2 weeks pass with no response. I called on Monday and was told they had one in the store and the other had to be shipped in and I would have it that Thursday. That weekend past with no response. I went to the store on Monday and was told that they do not always have the products in the store and that it would not be in until the end of the month.

By this time I had no choice but to get my old set fixed. After frustration had set in, the manager did give me the option at no additional cost to get the next upper version of the set. I was not sure if I like the set that well but agreed. Then I was told it would be in at the end of the week.

Ha Ha right? The upper version was exactly $100 each more (because it was on sale). After going home and thinking about all the chaos I realized that I was not getting a bargain at all. I had to spend $80 to get my old set fixed and I did not qualify for the $100 rebate on the new set.

I went back to the store to basically say forget it and give me my money back that I already paid in full. the store manager did give me a in store credit of $150 but I was told that I could not use it on one item I had to buy several items and they would give me certain amounts of credit on each item to equal $150. I thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard but totally frustrated, exhausted and just *** I guess I agreed. FINALLY the day arrived that I did receive my washer and dryer.

They called and said they would be leaving the store at 9am and be at my house (which is about 10 minutes away) They did not arrive until almost noon. They do not hook it up for you but they do take it where you need it and bring up your old set. After having it for a week I realized there was a lot of things I did not like about it. I only used it twice but did not like how washed, dried, the settings etc.

We ended up going camping for the weekend for my husbands birthday and when we came back I called Menards and spoke with the assistant manager, and the store manager who treated me very rudely. They told me that there was nothing I could do because they have a policy on all appliances that no refund after 7 days. I was told that once you use them they cant resell them. I told them how do you know if you like them or don't like them if you don't use them?

He told me that was the policy and if I didn't like it to contact cooperate at and he hung up. I was in total shock!!After all I went though they made it sound like I was the one being a pain when in fact it was there poor work ethics and management. So this is why I am telling you not to buy appliances at Menards.

I am now stuck with a washer and dryer that I am unhappy with and spent a lot of money on. I will tell as many people as I can and I hope you do too so you do not get treated the way I did.

Monetary Loss: $1468.

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I don't know any appliance store that has a trial period on appliances. Who wants to buy them after you have used them for a week or two?

They would have only taken them back in the 1st 7 days if they didn't work and needed repair...not because you didn't like them.

Do your research before you buy, check the consumer magazines, read reviews. The newer washers all work differently than they did 5 years ago due to the way they use less water.


Haha wow. I would not like to around you in person. Unpleasant.


Do us all a huge favor sell your new appliances for $150 IN QUARTERS and take your business to the laundromat

Thank you

@Menards customer service depar

I won't buy from Menards just because of the way you replied to this customer. You have to admit that you really handled this person horribly.


I dont think it's actually the service department responding... doesnt look official