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I was shopping in the Brooklyn Park, MN Menards for a carpet runner. While i found the product I was looking for, it needed to be cut from the bulk roll to my length. The ONE employee working in that department was already assisting another customer, so I waited patiently in the area.

I looked on the monitor and there was only one name showing, which I believe indicates the people who should be available to assist customers in that department.

After about 20 minutes had passed he finally finished with the customer he was with. He didn't bother asking who was next, he just went with the guy closest to him (who had just wondered into the department a couple of minutes prior). I was leaning right on their service desk and he even had to walk around me at one point prior to helping the next guy.

This guys questions were rather involved and soon the minutes were flying by again. The employee NEVER even verbally acknowleged me or assured me that he knew I was waiting. I was seriously trying to keep my cool at this point, why didn't he page any available employee to help me. I had been waiting for over 45 minutes to have a 6' x 3' piece of carpet cut. I had never even been acknowleged even once!

That's really what has me PISSED OFF! I understand that things get busy, and they have no way of controling how busy any department might become. BUT!!! They can communicate with us customers to acknowlege us and inform us of how soon we might be helped.

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I agree with John (no, I'm not brown-nosing, never met the guy actually). I've been in this situation several times (please don't hurt me), and what's worse I have seen it in other stores and in other departments.

I may not know much about a certain department that I find a guest in but I ALWAYS can find someone who does, and for the record I ALWAYS aknowledge someone's presence, weather in my department or not. Truly, I am sorry you had this expierence. Had you been in my store I would have found you and righted the situation (heck, I'd have cut the carpet for you).

Unfortunately it sounds like you found someone who was not sypathetic to the fact that you were standing there - but in defense there have been many times when I have been on an "errand" for an other guest (say for instance some one wanted some thing waaaay over on the other side of the store) when I get stopped by some one for help only to tell them to "hold on just a minute I promise I'll be right back" (by the way, I do come back and I make sure of it).

The fact of the matter is that many Menards' stores are larger than life and require a lot of walking. That however does not excuse the conduct of the employee whom did not aknowledge you (assuming you did everything possible to be aknowledged).

Please, don't take it personally, Meanrds truly is a great place to shop and a great place to be in. Think of it this way: Don't let one person ruin the whole party.


Next time stand right next to that employee until you are acknowle

dged. When he moves, you move with him. This will get results.

Waiting by a desk makes you a low profile, out of the way customer.


Finally! A genuine complaint.

It is true...they should have acknowledged you.

Sorry. Please give us another try!

-John Menard


advice. NEVER stand by the desk and wait.

menards employees are told constantly to not be at the desk. this is fact. go to where this employee is and wait next to him. he or she will not go looking for you if approached by someone else.

they help the person in front of them, always, regardless of how long you've been standing at the desk. your cost for products is low because payroll is kept low.