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My husband and I got to the menards in altoona iowa and approached the gaurd at 5 am just like the paperwork said and he said noone would be in until 7 so we could unload our semi. We sat and watched this gaurd smoke and walk around in the parking lot excercising and the rest of the workers walking around aimlessly.

We know menards won't do a *** thing about this and who knows maybe they are such a big corporation that they pay their help for standing around smoking and doing yoga. It is also nice that when you are doing buisness for someone that they will at least look youu in the eye instead of totally ignoring you and being cocky 17 year old just because you can tell that they hate their job

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Did it ever occur to you that the workers walking around aimlessly before 7am were waiting for their shift to start or for management to unlock the door! Seriously you think they get paid to do nothing, you have no idea how hard ppl work in this company.

I can't speak for everyone but my boyfriend is a dept manager and has been working almost 80 hrs a week lately.

If you had a problem with your paperwork or whatever (I have no idea what you are talking about anyway) then you should have taken that up with whoever you deal with through the company.

I bet the workers who you think were lazy had no idea what you were even doing there because your post sure as he** doesn't explain much


Six months ago, they came to our attention. We threw out a net to find the truth...

and you got caught in that net.

I've been following you ever since. And that's all there is to the story!


The guards are hired by a private security company, they can do whatever their private company allows them to do while they work AND THEIR JOB ONLY INCLUDES LETTING PEOPLE IN AND OUT- NOT HELPING YOU IN THE ACTUAL YARD!

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