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I work at Menards because I raise 3 boys alone. They pay *** wages and the supervisors treat you terrible, if you don't fit into their "click" I am a Christian woman, and do not belong because I don't party and have a potty mouth like the supervisors.

They treat us horribly. I am talking about the one in LIncoln Ne, on the North side. The younger help that think they have a title, really try to carry their weight.

The older ones treat you like trash if you even ask a question. To my knowledge they all started at the bottom like the rest of us.

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stop complaining you christian woman, if you do not like your job then find something else. dont say you cannot find anything else because you have children either. if you think it is so bad working at menards you would have no problem finding another job.


:grin As I read this nonsense, I laugh at the Manager who defend their partying and carrying on... GROW UP!!!!

Do you have any idea what we all say about you?

Some of us cashiers have more knowledge about what is going on than you do.. You are trying to look cute all the time and see who is next in life to "hump"


Being a manager at Menards, you should probably talk to them about it. There are a few things that could happen from this.

They treat you with more respect (what kind of respect do you want from them?), you can tell those that swear around you that you want them to tone it down when they are around you, or you can tell a GM or fill out a confidentiality form. Let someone know how you feel or it will keep happening. Then you need to find another job. *** wages yes, but no one said you have to work there.

If you worked in my department I would want to know if I had said or done something that offended you, if not I would likely keep doing the same thing and continually make you uncomfortable.

The part about drinking and cursing all the time comes with the territory, unfortunately, you are a mother of three and most people that work up front with you, are teens and college kids that have that vocab. Ask to switch departments.


i've gotta say i was cracking up reading this. just to let everyone know, im not using correct punctuation and capitalizing things because i dont feel like it (I do know how to).

so no need for the grammar lesson, lol. you know, you really need a good sense of humor when you work at a place like menards, and your coworkers wanting you to go out and party with them is them wanting to get to know you. i transferred from one store to another and on my last day i went out partying with my department and several others from the store. i've got to say that was a ROCKIN time with the menards crew!!

we all got drunk and had a great time. i still go drinking with that group and they're fun as ***. you should go out with them a little, dont drink if you dont want to, but break out of your shell, have a good time. your going to find managers at all jobs that treat you like ***, my old managers at the store i worked at were AWESOME, they made work fun.

and "oh no" if they want you to have a "potty mouth." thats not going to send you to ***, thats how society is these days.

i've found that the people at the new store im at are alot like the people i worked with at the other store. i know Christians who drink, swear, party, screw anything that walks, do things devote Christians probably wouldnt and their still Christians.


We all took it into consideration and passed it off for what it was.....babbling nonsense. Use your words're annoying.


I find it comical how some how no one has taken into consideration the comment I last made.

Roberto, you're a great guy, use words wisely - they'll go further.


So you're saying that if you are educated you should not work at is the kind of thinking that will get you far. I simply feel that in order to properly lodge a complaint against your employer in a way such as this, you should at least know how to spell the most basic of the city you work in.

Just because you work at Menards does not mean that you should be able to spell at a 3rd grade level. If you can't do that, go work at wal-mart.


If you have such good spelling, why are you working at menards? It sounds like you're wasting your talent.


First of all I commend you on trying to stay true to your Christian values. I am not a Christian, but I still nonetheless applaude your steadfastness in this regard. There are many people in this world who would easily loose their faith if they knew there was a punchline.

However, one must keep in mind that the "younger help" is just trying to relate to the 'whole' rather than just one person at a time. It is hard task to incorperate every single team-member's feelings into something. Many of these team members are far from home and are simply reaching out for someone to be friends with. Things such as 'partying' and 'potty-mouth humor' tend to be things that appeal to the mass of today's society. Think of this next time you are offended: were they hurting you personally or simply trying to include you in a humerous situation that you did not agree with?

Also, some food for thought: Matthew 15:11, Timothy 4:4, Corinthians:16-17, 5:11, 6:10, Galatians 5:19-21, Romans 13:3

Some of my favorite versus from the book I so long ago read. For those of you actually paying attention this, I recommend you look them up, they're great!

By the way Sweetpea, if you have the retort of "it's not wine it's grape juice" there again you would be wrong. In those early days when your savior walked, both the water and the juices of fruits would be tainted by bacteria that the people had found historically to be poisoned. Case in point: anything that was not fermented was poison. Fermentation causes bacteria to realease and cause a chemical reaction that sterlizes the liquid substance. It is most commmonly seen in the Dark Ages where the Europeans drank Mead. Wine and beer have been known throughout history to be two of the most sterile sources of liquids and the most consumed by Chirstians, Jews and Heathens alike.


There you go! You're starting to get it a little bit.

Talk about your "Christian" values on a pissed consumer site, then talk trash back to someone with the sole goal of getting a rise out of you. Hahaha!! It’s hilarious. By the way, this is all called humor, and obviously you're starting to have a sense of it, which I'm sure your co-workers have had the whole time.

Oh, and not only do you need to start commenting on the pissed "spelling teachers" site, but you also need to start commenting on the pissed "punctuation for dummies" site (you got Lincoln right, but you put the comma before the "N" in Nebraska not after the "N" in Lincoln). Another thing.....misspelling is all one word. And one more thing…what does any of this have to do with the point of the site, complaining about Menards.

Anyways....enjoy it this time and hopefully you'll have a laugh and get over yourself a bit at work. Peace out.


:eek Wow ! written by someone like they really care.

If I wanted to comment on spelling teachers, I would have. And yes, the supervisors treat you with no respect just like you have done ROBERTO. Married to one of them ?? Oh, by the way, it is LINCOLN ,NEBRASKA..

Did I spell it right this time?? I apologize for my misgivings in offending you by accidental mis spelling...

Have a great eve. SIR


Learn to spell the town you live in and maybe you'll get a little more respect from your supervisors, you (enter "potty mouth" word here).