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I was at the Burnsville Menards and was told by the manager that I need to wear a mask to shop in the store. I told him that I cannot wear one because of a medical disability.

He said it did not matter and that was a corporate policy. He is wrong as I went the the Menards, in Virginia, MN and that store does not require customers to wear a mask. I heard of another Menards in Iowa, that does not require a mask.

I was ask by one the people at the front of the store, what my disability was. I told her that it is against the ADA to even ask this.

I am a contractor and have been shopping there multiple times over the last couple of months and no one ever said anything to me. I go in the back, as I am a contractor. They know me at this store. I am in there at least once a day.

I spend 50 - 60 thousand dollars there every year, but I guess they dont care. I emailed corporate and the store manager, with no response. People need to stand up for their rights or they will not have any rights left. I filed a complaint with the ADA, in Washington, no response.

I will contact an attorney next week to see what my potions are. I have shopped at Costco, and their mask policy is the same , but when I told them I have a disability, they said I could go in. When I went to Menards, and was told this, I asked if I could at least do my returns and this was allowed. I was in the store for almost 3 hours and seen at least three of their own employees not even properly wearing a mask.

I pose not immediate health risk. I asked one of their employees if Menards trains them in the proper wearing of a mask and was told no. I told them that I believe if and employer has an employee wear a mask or respirator, that OSHA requires them to be trained to properly wear them, and they are not doing this. If this is such a big deal, they are putting their own employees at risk.

Menards even requires a customer to wear a mask outside.

Menards is a joke. Someone needs to stand up to them.

User's recommendation: Do not shop at Menards. Go to Home Depot or Lowes, as they dont require customers to wear masks.

Preferred solution: Let people with a legitimate disability shop at their store.

Menards Cons: Response of corporate management.

Location: 2700 Highway 13 W, Burnsville, MN 55337

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My wife was turned away also and she’s on oxygen. This was the Paducah ky store.

I told the manager to date time signature and explain why she was denied access and they refused to do so.

As s the states in ADA guidelines they have to do this. We will be contacting our lawyer Monday.


''I cannot wear one because of a medical disability.'' Short of having some huge growth on your face there's no MEDICAL disability sufficient for your statement to be factual.


Unless you are a pulmonologist please keep your m edical opinions to yourself. They are ignorant.


You don't seem to understand that the masks are not intended to prevent someone from catching the virus. They would have to be a properly worn N95 mask which is not what they are requiring.

The face covering they require is there to help stop the spread of the virus by someone that has it by containing the spray from their mouth when they talk or cough.

Good luck with your lawyer. Can't believe the lawyers at Menards aren't on top of what they can and can't do.

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