I can't believe Manards doesn't give our veterans a discount like home depot and lowes is this an American store that enjoys freedom. Freedom is not free not very happy with this policy please change this policy thank you .

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #733594

Hey Jackwad. You sound like a cry baby.

If they won't give you a veterans discount, why don't you ask them if they give discounts to adults who act like babies (i.e.

the cry baby discount). I bet if you ask for a manager and show him your diaper, they will give you the cry baby discount.


I feel proud of my military service. Not entitled..

Never do I ask for payment back for my service. Your a jackwad...stop making veterans look bad.


While I respect and appreciate what our military & service people do for us day in and day out, that doesn't mean they get a discount. As said by others, what about the police, fire fighters, etc.... Where would it stop?


Menards stopped giving a military discount because a group in Wisconsin sued over it, claiming they should get a discount as well. It is true, you can't just pick any one group of people and single them out for a discount. If you want to blame anyone, blame the group who sued in Wisconsin and the court who ruled in their favor.


Not 100% on this, but I believe that if you politely let the Menards team know that Home Depot or Lowe's will honor a military discount, they will match the offer.

Again, don't be rude about it. My experience with Menards is that as a low-price leader, they will match other store's discounts, in an apples-for-apples purchase.


Sigh another one of these! You're not entitled to a discount because you were in the military.

Why don't police officers and teacher get one or any hard working citizen that makes this country what it is?

Oh I think you forgot you lived in a country where everyone is considered to be created equal........ Stop being a self entitled ***.


I work on a crab boat on the Bering Sea. The deadliest job in the world.

I risk my life everyday so people can have their crab legs at Red Lobster. Where is my discount?


Thank you so much MILITARY, for saying that. Such a touchy subject for some people, but I have never understood why some people think they should get a discount for the career they chose.


I was in the Army and I don't expect anything from anyone. No discounts - Just respect. Get over it dude.


Why does one group of people deserve a discount and not others? How about the police officers or fire fighters who put their life on the line protecting citizens at home.

Then there are the teachers that educate your children, the clergy that give you spirtiual guidance. The list can go on and on. Menards has the best price in town everyday for everyone.

You should be happy that you live in a country where you can choose where you shop. You have the choice of buying at a store that offers low prices every day or at a store that charges higher prices so they can offer a "discount" to get you in the door.

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