Bay City, Michigan
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I purchased a vessel sink that was a special order thinking that I could find a vessel faucet for it since menards did not have one in aged bronze. Well I looked high and low for a faucet and I could only find one with a vessel sink.

Well now I have a 25% restocking fee on the sink. They should not even offer to sell these sinks unless they can offer the faucet with them.

I have spent thousands at their stores this year alone and it's only 30 dollars but I am still upset. They do have alot of good help, but someone should have explained how hardit was to find a faucet.

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How could they have possibly known how difficult it was to buy a specific faucet like that? You should have done your research prior to purchasing...


Menards will not sell the sink at a loss. They claim the sink as a "defect" to the supplier just as they do for very slow moving items to recover their cost then either throw the item in the dumpster or sell the.

"Defective" item "Below cost" after they file a claim with the supplier. 100% profit for menards plus collecting 25% retail price from you

@Former menards team member

That's not accurate. It's only partially true what you're saying.

At least 50% of the items defected-out go back to the manufacture and if they are deemed to not be defective that MENARDS store is find double the price of the item. The 25% restocking fee is on all special orders and it's in place to recover the shipping cost of the item.

People don't pay shipping on special order products to the store and when they return a special order product the STORE IS LOSING MONEY on packaging, shipping and handling. It's also to help cover the cost of it taking up unwanted shelf space now.


SharkNasty do they charge Dennis Dixon for the floor space he takes up too


I think I would have thought twice before I special ordered a sink I wasn't sure I could get a matching faucet for. You only got charged a 25% restock fee but Menards will end up selling the sink for pennies on the dollar and take a loss. Next time make sure what you are ordering will fit your needs BEFORE placing the order.