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I tried to return my vacuum they didnt and said theres nothing to do for me

Even though I phoned them before coming to the store over the phone they said its no problem come in and they will give me a vacuum when I get to the store they yold me yo ho pick out one thats when I told them they stopped carrying the brand shark of vacuum when the manager than told me theres nothing she can do

User's recommendation: Don’t ever shop there ther no good and they don’t honor any warranty’s.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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You are leaving out an important detail. Did you have your receipt?

The receipt would show how old it is, prove that you bought it there and how much you paid for it.

If they no longer stock the model you have all they could do is give you credit towards a new one if it was in warranty and to do that they would need your receipt to know how much you paid for it. As the manufacturer is actually responsible for the warranty you might want to contact them if you had filled out your registration when you bought the machine and see if they can help you.

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