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I was in your store in Effingham, IL. I wished to write a check as I often do. Yesterday my wallet was stolen, and I didn't have my identification. I know the number by heart and I also know the Store Manager well... I've made several thousand dollars worth of purchases this year. When I got to the counter my ID was requested and I explained the situation. After the cashier asked around a few times the Asst. Manager Johnathan came up. I once again explained my situation and he refused to allow me to write the check. I requested Rick the Store Manager. He informed me that he was on vacation. I asked if he could call him and he told me that if I knew the man so well that I should call him at home myself. I requested His last name and the name of the cashier. I was denied both and told to leave the premesis.

I don't feel this was the proper way to handle this situation. I am deeply upset. I feel you should be made aware of his reaction and perhaps speak to the gentleman about his customer service abilities.

Thank you,

Bill Speagle

217-821-9253 Cell

618-487-9230 Home

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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The GM probably works 55 hours a week and you want them to call him at HOME for something thats a corporate policy? (a policy very uniform with just about every store, you need an ID) And why are you writing checks?

How old are you, 90? Get a debit card.


why would you blame the cashier of all people? it is her job and you expect her to break the rules for you and possibly get fired?

your selfish. get over it.


I agree 100% no id no check-same with credit cards that aren't signed without an id to verify you are the same person on check or credit card...


Who are you to bother Rick while he is on vacation! You are a monster! A monster!


You need to contact your local legislature, not the Menards. It's state LAW that ALL establishments verify id's with checks.

Guess what dumba$$, the guy that stole your wallet, went to the Home Depot & told them the sad story about how he had his(your) wallet stolen & pleaded with them to take his(your) check because, he had his(your) id memorized. Being the good wholesome people they are, the Home Depot gladly took his(your) check to help out a guy in such obvious peril.


I could make out what Bill wrote even though it lacks periods. There is a nine year old that wrote a letter to Wal-Mart and it has periods and capital letters where they are supposed to be, and I am pretty sure that nine year old can spell dollars.


Can anyone decipher what Bill says? There should've been at least 4 periods in his comment.

I assume that the one that does appear was unintended since I am not familiar with "10.0000 dallars." But more to the point, checks require ID. If the store manager knows you and the check is a small amount than yes, rules can be bent. But you can not assume that this is the normal procedure. It appears that you don't know Johnathan (I assume that this is mispelled since Jonathan is the normal spelling but I will go with the spelling in the original comment just in case Bill Speagle is correct) so you shouldn't expect him to approve a check without ID.

Seriously, would your bank give you money without ID? Because my bank requires ID to get $20 cash when I am depositing a $500 paycheck into my savings account.

On a side note, how is it possible to memorize a drivers license number? My drivers license number has 1 letter and 12 numbers and I would never have been able to guess that R was the letter in mine.


MY parent are dead been dead for years will when you can write cheecks for over 10.0000 dallars you can tell this 59 year man what to do by the way the police is looking for the wallet that was taken out of the wreck car


this one is extremely simple. no I.D.

no check. end of story.

the stupidity of people increases daily.


You wanted the store to call the store manager while he was on vacation. And you expect anyone to listen to your complaint.

You should be thankful to have a great Menards store in your neighborhood.

Remember that the next time you need something for your home and don't have a lot of money in your pocket. You can always SAVE BIG MONEY at Menards!


This looks like another case of not getting your way equals rude. They are just going by policy.

Anyone can claim they had lost their wallet and forged a check. The world does not revolve around you you know and you will not always get your way. If you really know the store manager that well than phone him yourself. How selfish are you that you wanted his vacation inturupted just so you can get what you wanted.

Would you like it if someone called you on your vacation from work because you are the only one that could solve the problem.

I guess when it comes to things you expect people to bend over backwards for you, but I bet if you were asked the same you would not like it. Shame on you.


Do your parents know you are giving out personnal information online?


You wanted them to interupt the manager's vacation just because you were foolish and careless to have your wallet stolen. They have every right to tell you to leave the premises.

Perhaps you should come back with a parent or another adult who can make sure you are behaving yourself and not throwing a tantrum because you were foolish and careless to lose your wallet. (also ask that adult to keep your wallet safe.) You are a kid arn't you otherwise you would see that they only have this policy to protect you and other customer's from fraud.

Why don't you wait till you are atleast 10 years old to try and go shopping by yourself again. That way you will be more responsible and reasonable.