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Order number ONAL49461: I am 81 years young and somewhat handicapped so when I placed an order I used the "drive up and pick up" service option for my order. On December 27th about 11:30 am I pulled into the back yard of the Onalaska Menards to pick up my order.

The lady that let us in said "Go to door 15 and they will help you and print up your order." We pulled up to door 15 and put our lights on assuming (bad thing to do) someone would come out and help us. No such luck. So, I went inside the building to see if I could get help. I knew I was in the right location as a billboard size sign said, "Order Pickup" or something like that.

It also stated how Menards is devoted to customer service. Really?? Anyway, no one anywhere near the place. I yelled, "ANYONE HERE" a couple times but no luck.

I went to the order pickup counter to see if there was a buzzer or phone. No such luck. I waited about 10 minutes but no one came around. I get on my phone and call Menards Onalaska and after listening to a long list of options I get to talk to someone and told him my dilemma.

He didn't seem to interested but did say he would send someone over to me. About 10 minutes later some guy shows up and says, "Ya, What ya need?" I complained to him and told him what I wanted. He then said, "Oh, no one is working back here today. The guy that was to be here called in sick." Really.

. . what kind of management people do you have in Onalaska? So the guy leaves without a word or giving me any paperwork.

I drive out to the security gate to get out of the area and the lady asks for my paperwork. I tell her I didn't get any and she says "Well, you might have to go into the store but I will try to make it work here. It did work and I was on my way. Obviously, this was not a good scenario.

At the least someone should have informed security that no one was in the customer pickup area . . .

and at best someone should have been sent there in place of the guy that called in sick. Jerry Zielke 608-582-2988

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Customer service.

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Don't buy *** from Menards, they are a scam.


Yea and they capature and store you license plate number every time you enter thier yard! I guess we are all guilty until proven innocent in menard land!

They need to move to Noth Karoea the laws there would better match thier “customers service” policies!


You are shopping on-line at a brick and mortar store. Most people come in and make their purchase in the store and take it through the cash registers.

If someone calls in sick the coverage will be shifted to areas where it is need the most, which would be the sales floor. As there are only a few orders placed on-line in a day it would makes sense that this area wouldn't be a priority. As far as someone coming out to you car, that doesn't happen.

You need to go into the desk. They will help you load if needed, but are not looking outside for vehicles pulling up.


there has to be someone who can cover that area when/if there is a p/u needed!!!!!!!!!!!!


All you'd have to do is walk out to the sales floor for assistance. If you don't want to bother going into the store, have the products shipped to your home.


Magic telatubbies!!! They feel a disturbance in the force so they rush to you.