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On Friday the 14th my husband and I purchased multiple items and after checking out, we went to customer service desk for rebate forms. Noticed many of the rebate numbers were out of order and we were having problems finding the right ones.

No one at desk and we waited as one employee was texting on her phone as she looked up at me she said this is not my department and went back to texting. I finally asked one of the cashiers if she could call someone to customer service, and in a very snarky tone asked "why what did I want" I have now lost my patients and told her HELP!. She sighed, rolled her eyes and told another cashier to get someone to the desk. That cashier reluctantly came over and got us the forms we needed.

This is not the first bad experience we have had a the Marinette WI location but it will be the last. My husband and I just purchased a home that we are planning on many projects, but at this time we feel its best to drive the 40 minutes to home depot or Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is what you included in your complaint... I have now lost my patients and told her HELP!. So how many patients do you have at Menards that you have to see, and how often do you see them?


No one "mans" that "desk". It is a centralized location for the front end manager to ensure chaos doesn't ensue right where the action is, the registers.

The rebate center is meant to be self service.

Yes any cashier has the reading ability to assist if so necessary. But if they are all busy expect to wait.


Nobody "mans" that "desk". It's really just a place for the front end manager to be centralized around to ensure a reduced likelyhood of chaos beginning to ensue right where the action is happening, the registers.

No the front end manager wont always be back there. Yes the rebates are meant to self service.

But yes a cashier that isnt busy can assist you if it is so necessary. If all the cashiers including the head cashier are busy or on registers then you will probably have to wait.


Sounds like you wasted a lot of time. Rather than looking for someone to find the forms you could have looked for them yourself.

They were obviously there if the cashier found them.

You could have also gone home and printed them off the internet. It's amazing how difficult some people have to make life for themselves.