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I have been remodeling my home and purchased one door too many. I purchased four door's @$874.96 on 4/20/2013.

I decided to not use one door, which was $199.00. Upon entering the store to make the return, which was paid for with my debit card. I was told that because it was over the 90 day period, that I must be issued a store-credit. I am in the process of now selling my home due to relocation, so a store-credit would do me no good.

The manager came to the counter to assist me after, I asked to see a manager. He told me that a store credit is all he could do and that if he broke a policy for myself, he would have to do so for everyone else.

Not taking into consideration that I also had other receipts showing my purchases there in the last four months equaling over $2000.00. The employees not only rolled their eyes, but also chuckled as I exited the store with my worthless to me store credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You were offered an MCC, the same thing you get in the mail from rebates. they're good at any menards store, you can probably use them at their website too (i never puts around with rebates)


If over 90 days only a in store credit is issued its on the giant 8 foot by 4 foot board you can see before approaching the service desk like every other customer. It dosen't matter if you have spent $2000.00 there.

I've see purchases over $10,000 rang up daily, some contractors spend over $25,000 a week there.

Your $2,000 purchase dosen't give you the right to demand a policy be broken.


very poor customer service? How about NO customer service!


So you spent $2000 dollars and now Menards must break policy and make an exception for you, because "they owe you". You are moving and you can't use anything from menards?

Also you borrowed a door from Menards for over 90 days and you probable returned it dirty and far from new working, and you think you should get every penny back. If I come to your house and buy a moving sale item from you can I return it 3 months later for a full refund.

Let me know. Are you having a moving sale?


Sunseeker--why are you posting here rather than starting your own complaint??? Looks like you should be e-mailing rebates international at the address on the rebate card rather than Menards, they are the people that can answer your questions.


I have a rebate of $21.64 due me since June. It is very frustrating to try to follow up on a why I have not received this one.

I have my paperwork and have shown it to the manager of the local store; he sees the problem but can't/won't intervene. I've sent e-mails wondering where the rebate is; no reply. I called today and asked to speak to someone who could help. Automated voice said "submit in writing or FAX".

Done that - no response in over 6 weeks. Amanda @ Corporate smugly said "maybe they are checking". Checked on rebate finder. They don't show it.

Called back and Amanda @ Corporate smugly said "follow the rules" no one to speak to in Corporate. She further said, maybe they didn't get it. NO, they did because they rebated me the money for the other rebate # over a month ago so they got the envelope. The form clearly says that you can enclose more than one rebate form if they are going to the same [Elk Mound] address.

I did that.

Is that how they show a profit or show less of a loss by not cheating the consumer out of their rebate. We purchased over $150 worth of paint and other items [wish I'd save the sales slips for the rest but the paint had a guarantee so saved.] :upset :upset :upset


As a consumer it is important to check the return policies of stores you shop at before you make a purchase. You can then make an informed decision of whether you want to purchase products at a given store or not.

When you start checking return policies you will not find a policy like this out of the ordinary. Products that have been sitting around your house over 90 days may create a number of problems. The product may have been discontinued and there is no longer shelf space in the store. Often old product is dirty or has faded packaging, doors not stored properly can warp and the list goes on and on.

You should be happy they they will take an old product back and give you anything at all. Your argument about taking months to win a customer and seconds to loose one has no merit here as you claim to be moving.

With all the products Menards sells from groceries to cleaning supplies, light bulbs and rugs you can surely find a way to use the credit they offered. If not give it to Habitat for Humanity and take a tax deduction.


THAT IS THE STORE POLICY AND APPLAUD THAT STORE MANAGER ON STICKING TO IT! He laughed and rolled his eyes because 2,000 dollars is nothing and does not entitle you to special treatment. He was right when he said if he did it for you he would have to do it for everyone else too.

Do you have any idea how much one Menards store brings in a day? 2,000 dollars SO WHAT. Let me give you an idea. My department alone ranges on averge from 20,000 to 60,000 a day and that's just 1 of the 7 sales departments that Menards has. And we are not even a top store. out of the 275+ stores we rank around 150-200. You do the math. HeII it wouldn't matter if you spent 100k a year at Menards. THe policy is in place for a reason.

YOU HAVE 90-DAYS IT SAY'S it RIGHT ON THE RECEIPT! You're lucky you get anything at all.


Thank you for commenting Heartless (how fitting). I'll be sure to submit a copy of your reply with my complaint.

I'm sure that anyone would agree that $2000 is a significant amount of money period. I also hope that this is not how you feel about all of the customers that feed you.

Cardinal rule, it can takes months to win a customer and seconds to lose them.


Here'a another cardinal rule, people go to the lowest price. Huge product sales lead to lower prices.

Two thousand dollars is a lot of money for an individual, agreed, but profit on that 2000 dollars could be as small as 3 to 15%. After operating cost are removed that leaves a small margin of profit. If the door is not sellable or even out of it's package the door might have to be bargained.

That leaves no profit! Most doors stored at a job site and returned are not returnable to stock.