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I have spent a small fortune at Menards in Farmington Missouri. Had a problem brought about by an employee that caused return to be credited back to credit card instead of store credit, tried to keep my special financing intact.

Asked customer service to speak with store manager Chris Matz. Customer service rep. Alisha took upon herself to fix the problem. I was not satisfied and asked to speak with store manager Chris Matz a second time.

That angered Alisha and she said "don't bother thanking me". What a smart mouth she was I told her. Nobody at Menards headquarters or at the store cared much about the treatment Alisha gave me. Ok.

I too will not spend another dime at Menards. Lowes is just as competitive when comes to price.

Despite what someone wrote on this forum Menards isn't the cheapest. By Dan Fauller

User's recommendation: Avoid frustration!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Are you one of these people that feel a female can't help you? In many cases the store manager is not the best person to solve your problem.

In this case the customer service people or office manager will be the people who actually know how to solve your problem. If a male customer service employee had fixed your problem would you have requested the store manger?

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