Watertown, South Dakota

went to the flooring dept. to ask for some help getting the mortar and grout plus the sealer i needed to put down the ceramic tile i bought from them along with about 20K of other stuff over the last 4 month's,the guy was not at his desk so i walked buy several times and still did not come over to ask if i needed help,so i went over to ask him for help and he could not have been more rude,he wanted to just point to where the stuff i needed was and keep doing what he was doing which was nothing,been different if he was busy with a customer i'll just wait,but it was not busy he did not want to help me at all,i've been to Lowes in the last month more than once,no compare in the customer service,Lowes is GREAT

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Taking the customer to the product is basic retail 101, Kevin Richards. I've never been too busy to do that.

Pointing is not just rude, but also makes a customer feel that you don't appreciate their business. If I'm helping another customer I briefly tell them that I will be happy to "Show" them where the product is as soon as I finish with the other customer. Whenever I get a "Pointer" when I'm spending my hard earned money in another retail store I ask them to take me to the product.

That only *** off the truly selfish or lazy person while it is a lesson learned by an employee who has the desire to grow.


It's obvious the worker had more important things on his mind, like how many more minutes till his break, or if that hot little tramp working the return counter will put out tonight if he jacks her up with some vodka this time. Give the man a break.

You know he puts a lot of time into answering questions all day, and that can be real hard to do. Practice patience, or slip him a $20 and you'll get a quicker reply.


First you need to understand Menards doesn't want their employees at the desk unless they are there selling something. Being this was the carpet area was he perhaps cutting or rolling carpet?

Very possible he had sold some and had a customer driving around to pick it up.

Just because he isn't standing next to someone doesn't mean he isn't helping them. I'd love to see you walk in a Menards employees shoes for a day and then see if your comment were the same.


actually taking customers to the product should be done but I highly doubt this employee was doing NOTHING as the complainer suggests. sometimes it looks like nothing. perhaps he was doing a stock check / moving stuff for another customer doing NOTHING is impossible as even sitting still you're still breathing and alive so that's SOMETHING


You said he wanted to keep doing what he was doing which was nothing. How do you know it was nothing? Was he sitting in a chair, drooling, and staring at the wall??


He pointed you to where the product. He is not a mind reader so until you decided to stop being a wiseass and ask for help he had no idea you needed help.

Pointing you in the right direction is not rude. Did you want him to hold your hand and take you to the product?