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It seems every time I walk into Menards and can't seem to find what I am looking for, no one is around to help. I don't have a problem looking for someone but the customer service there sucks! Once me and my husband were getting supplies to redo a room. We were not sure where the wall paneling was, so we figured we would ask someone. We went to the help desk in that department and there was a young girl talking on the phone. At first I thought she was talking to a customer so I was willing to wait. Soon after listening she was talking to someone about what they are going to bring her to eat for lunch. Clearly seeing we were standing there for a while, she wasnt in a hurry to hang up the phone. So I got tired of waiting and decided to find someone else. Shortly after finding someone else, she hangs up the phone and says "Oh, can I help you?" after we found someone else. They were kind enough to show us where the paneling was.

About 2 weeks later I walk in because I noticed they had an item on sale in their ad that I really wanted. I went straight to the gardening items and saw what I was looking for. Unfortunately it was too high on the self that I could not get it myself. I circled same isle 10 times, 3 employee's passed me and not ONE asked me if I needed help. So I decided to find someone. Two employees were walking towards me, full into conversation. I stopped them and asked them to help me. The gentleman had got it down for me, handed it to me, and was quickly on his way. Didn't asked me if I needed anything else, which I did. So I quickly went to cash out and got the heck out of there.

After telling my husband of my experience he didnt believe me. We went back about a week later looking for yard waste bags. After not finding it ourselves, we decided to seek for an employee. A lady was putting stuff away when we approached her. We asked her if she could help us. She turned around towards us and gave us this look like we were interrupting what she was doing. We asked her our question, she pointed to the direction and quickly went back to what she was doing.

Where I previously worked at, we would get into trouble if we did poor customer service. I would not go to Menards if you are not sure where things are. Trust me, you won't get the help you truly need.

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Agree with the initial post. Menards has horrible customer service from entry level to Management.

I'm a contractor and shop all around. Home Depot is pretty good.

At least when they screw up they fix it. Menards treats the customer like dirt.


The management team has to pay out of pocket for any price discrepancy.


That's a reflex answer because you view the question as hypothetical. But let's say that there was real money backing it up.

I'm not kidding. A million dollars.

Don't answer right away. Just consider it.


These people work at Menards for short-term periods. Can you really expect so much out of someone who makes just above minimum wage? Be grateful that there is anyone to help you at all.


Menards is falsely accusing Customers of shoplifting.


falsely accusing Customers of shoplifting.


To complain about a bad experience at a store on the internet is ridiculous. Take the time to discuss your issues with the GM.

It doesn't matter where you shop, you are bound to have a bad experience sooner or later. There are some bad apples out there. Look at how many employees these big chain stores have. To think that every employee is fantastic at customer service is crazy.

To blame the entire store or chain for the actions of a few is just as crazy. Stop crying about the problem and help fix it. Complain to the top managers and don't stop until you speak to them. Get the bad apples out.

If you don't then stop complaining.

I don't work for any big chain store. I'm just a person who doesn't accept poor service and is willing to help fix it, not just complain to people who can do nothing to fix the problem. Do you think that people will stop shopping there because they read your comments?

Sorry, won't happen. Home Depot, Walmart, Ace, Lowes etc. all have customers who will have a bad experience. That's just life.

get the bad employees fired. Do you think the managers will keep an employee who constantly gets complaints?

Don't think so. Help the managers improve your experience and complain to them, not us.


Wow...I have shopped at Menards in several areas in Illinois and at one in Ohio. Customer service at my usual location near Chicago was very good, but here in Sycamore it's fantastic!

I have yet to meet one employee there that would not go an extra step to assist, advise, or carry out my purchases. The same goes for Lima Ohio--Menards has put Home Depot out of business in that town. I've shopped at Lowes and they're ok too, but I have yet to have a good shopping experience at any Home Depot (mostly because you cannot find anyone to help you.) Ask to see the General Manager, if that doesn't get you results, put in a call to their regional or corporate office.

But on a personal note to Sunnyday, if you're shopping at the Ace Hardware in Batavia, say Hi to Mr. Bill (my husband)...that store has been honored by the local business bureau and Ace for their exceptional customer service.



I do hope you see this message and listen to what I have to say. Please understand in saying that if all that happened you should contact your local Menards store manager or go higher if they do not listen.

Many Menards team member strive to do the best we can do to take care of each and every guest.

For the ones that care of our guest we find this as an insult so please contact your local Menard manager and explain your situation. Hope you have a nice day.


This was my first and last experience at the "newly re-opened" Menard's store on Randall Road in Batavia, Illinois. And this experience is why I will not be back at Menard's:

· workers who are dishonest

· worker who insist you don't have products that I later find in the store myself

· workers who tell me a product is the same as in the sale ad when it obviously isn't

· workers who switch prices to higher prices even when the sale ad in my hand proves them wrong

· workers who tell me to have Customer Service change a price on the product to agree with your sale ad, or else it "will ring up wrong".

· workers who incorrectly send me all the way across the store to find something that was in the department that they work in.

· and then, at the end, they now make the customer bag their own purchases.

I will be spending my money at Lowe's and Home Depot and Ace Hardware.

I will tell my neighbors and friends to avoid the "new" Menards store.


i have done quit a bit of shopping in the

us,and find that the service there is superior

to most of the service we receive in canada


Mikey, I do understand your anger and frustration torward our company. I do know this, I have several guests that come from larger cities just to shop at our location.

Because we are quick, accurate and our knowledge is very high in our area of expertise. Most of our store has been there a minimum of 4 years, so we have had a little time to learn our products and help guest through most situations. Do give some of the employees at our stores a chance in larger cities. The turnover rate is staggering in this economy.

In one week they have to learn as much as they can in there department, whether they have had any experience prior or not. In an area such as plumbing or electrical department, most of the questions asked are from contractors and guest that have been doing it for years.

It is a lot to learn in a week. They do have have a lot of training and are always encouraged to seek another employee with the knowledge to help a guest if they are unsure.


I have work in several chains of retail in my day. I now work with Menards. Trust me when say that like most businesses there are those employees and establishments are that need work. I can only apologize for my fellow employees. At our location I strive to give the best help that I can given our town is small. So please do trust in that some of our stores are do what we can to make sure our guests leave happy and wanting to come back and continue shopping at our stores.

Thank you,



Dear "Menards Employee,"

Thank you for proving my point. This is the exact attitude and illogical rambling that keeps me from entering your business establishment.

It seems like all the pro-menards comments on this feed are from employees and the people that have grievances are customers. I think that is quite telling.

As with nature, the business world is survival of the fittest - with your customer service record I would imagine your corporation is slated for extinction in the near future. Enjoy getting a paycheck for being unknowledgable and cranky while it lasts!


I was curious one sunday and i decided to go into a lowes and a home depot just curious about their stores and customer service. All you who talk highly of those stores are false!

I went in there walked from one side of the store to the other 3 times at home depot, i only got greeted once. NICE HOME DEPOT...not. Now i have worked in two different departments now since ive worked at menards. THIS IS FOR MIKEY WE HAVE TO DO PACKETS AND PACKETS OF IN HOME TRAINING ABOUT THE PRODUCTS WE SELL IN THE DEPARTMENTS!

Oh il apologize for the team members who havent memorized everthing peice of equipment on the shelf. Humor me! You try doing it! Menards is a great company.

We do have lowest prices!

And if we do miss a product that is more expensive at another store we will not only give you the exact price, even a certain percent off of that price. So YES menards is the cheapest guarenteed!!


See its that attitude right there that makes people NOT want to come back. I would rather go to Lowes or Home Depot and pay a little more for better customer service than go to Menards and be treated like they don't care or don't want to be there.

THAT same attitude makes businesses close down.

And FYI Menards is NOT the cheapest. :grin


:grin ...i really cant help but laugh at all you people that are putting menards down...it is a great company to shop at and work for...people you need to realize that everytime you go into a store that possibly the TEAM MEMBERS (not employees) are assisting other guests and that sometimes guests ask for help in other departments other than the one that they work in (because we actually direct them to the product not point) which is called GUEST SERVICE....i had never even heard of menards before it moved to my location and i can honestly say that i have never been more comfortable in a store than i am at menards and yes people tell us all the time that they are just going to go to lowes....OH WELL...once you realize that their prices are WAY higher than ours and our product is a better selection you'll tuck your tail between your legs and come back so for all you menards haters out there....get a life at least there is a company that actually cares about loosing business so they dont close for any reason!!! thanksgiving,christmas and new years....THATS IT!!!!


That's odd, because in my area home depot and menards are opposite of how you describe them. There isn't anyone you can even see at the home depot stores when you walk down aisles, but they are everywhere asking if you need help over at menards. Not sure what's wrong with your menards though, because they are always lower than home depot where I am at.


80% of Menards workers really and truly do not know what they are talking about (if you can actually find one to talk to). They have no training beyond what they are told to say by their manager.

If you ask for any details about a product that their manager didn't tell them, they go running for help (and return 10 minutes later) or, more often, just looked vacantly confused and make something up. Home Depot has always treated me well and I've always been impressed with their knowledge about all things home improvement. They seem like they actually have used their equipment/tools before and know what they are talking about (I even got great advice on installing one of their items over the phone! - Try that by calling Menards!) My last trip to Menards was 3-1-10.

I won't be back any time soon. I gladly drive the extra 5 miles to Home Depot.


Have you ever thoguht that maybe you can find help in Home Depot all the time, because they are not busy and just standing around doing nothing. Menards has better prices, because they price match every store in that area once a week. And if the prices are higher its because Menards sells better products.