Jeffersonville, Indiana
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Jeffersonville, IN Menards - 10.24.2015

I was asked to pull around back to pick up my purchase. At the entrance to the pickup area I noticed you are agreeing to a dragnet, random vehicle search upon exit.

This is ridiculous - why would I give up a constitution right of privacy just because I made a purchase at Menards!!

I returned to the front lot and walked back through the store, retrieved my purchase and voiced my opinion of their illegal search policy. Even when on private property, a place of business does not have a right to search your vehicle, unless you give permission. Menards is not allowed to operate outside or above the US Constitution - unless permission is given by the vehicle owner - a vehicle search still REQUIRES A SIGNED SEARCH WARRANT.

Reason of review: Menards Policy.

Menards Cons: Threat of illegal vehicle search.

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What the *** did you have in your vehicle that made you freak out about the search? They literally just need to peak in there to make sure you're not stealing anything.

They don't toss your vehicle like police. It's the same reason you can't walk into a store with a backpack on.

Just put your *** in the glove box and let them do their job.

Also, don't be angry at Menards for having this policy. Be angry at all the jerks who steal from them that caused this policy in the first place.


Right, they can't search your vehicle without permission. But they require your permission in order to enter their yard.

So your options are to give your permission or not to give your permission...but they aren't required to let you into their yard if you refuse.

I'm not sure what your complaint is. Are you complaining that they allowed you to obtain your purchase without agreeing to a vehicle search by simply walking?


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By entering their secured yard you agree to have your vehicle checked as you leave. If you haven't taken any merchandise you haven't paid for, you have nothing to worry about.

If you packed a couple of thousand dollars with of power tools in your trunk they have the right to keep you from stealing them. Theft raises prices for everyone and an honest person would appreciate the fact that they are trying to stop theft and keep their prices as low as possible.


Menards not only uses the guilty until proven innocent method but if your a 6'10" nba player in milwaukee wisconsin they will profile you as a criminal based on nothing but skin color.