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app 5 weeks ago we purchased a yard sport 400 utv in owensboro ky. we were happy until about the 3rd day after purchase the brakes starting locking up and 4 wheel was in operable.

we contacted the store and they stated we would have to bring it to a service center to be worked on. the closest location being 90 miles away. we agreed and loaded it up and took it there. menards stated this could not be returned b/c it had gas put in it, that they had put in it prior to us buying it.

it has been in there shop now for the whole time and still not repaired. So we feel we were screwed the day we bought it and took it home. We will not be making any future purchases at Menards, Maybe it will be returned before our warranty expires. when we first contacted they acted as if hey could care less.

It is not the repair shop that is taking so long.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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i bought the 700 4x4, ive beat the *** outta mine..yeah, a few loose bolts, but worth it..didnt have the extra $7000 for a name brand. like anything new, there is a break in period, check bolts, change oil ect.

i'll take the $7000 i saved and and get a new tool set (to check the bolts after i take it mud boggin)lol.. :)


I have also had the exact same issue! I purchased the first UTV on Sept.

28th and it worked for an hour. We returned it back to store and they exchanged for another that failed after two weeks. They refused to refund my money this time until after I brought to their mechanic who could verify this was not my fault. The mechanic has stated that this was not put together properly and is still sitting in the shop.

I also purchased the vehicle with 2.5 hours on it and a tank of gas. I still have not gotten any responses back from the hardware buyer or management. I have complained to BBB and still do not have a response, UTV or refund. Two failed UTV's in less than 30 days and Menards has no response at all.

Interesting enough, if you look at the BBB website you will see Lowes and Home Depot has a A rating and Menards an F. Please let me know if any one else has a solution for me.


well sitting online and complaining won't help at all that's for sure. did you call the manufacturer or bring the utv back to the store and PERSONALLY talk to a manager? a lot of times managers are busy and have a lot on their mind to deal with and probably multiple guests they need to help so just calling and talking to them on the phone won't help a whole *** of a lot.


I can assure you it's the repair shop that is taking a long time. Most the repairs at my store take anywhere from 2 weeks to some as long as 6 months.

It has nothing to do with Menards, menards has nothing to do with the warranty or the repair of it. The reason this policy is in place for gas powered equipment is because consumers are clueless and often cause the problem themselves. If it wasn't a problem you caused it will be covered under the warranty from the company that makes them. Here's some insight, these machines are generic pieces of junk.

There is a reason it's half the price of the standard UTV. You get what you pay for!


"my store"? You don't have a "store".

It's apparent by your grammer, poor spelling, and lack of personality, you do not have more than a third grade education. At most, you probably work at a Menards cleaning the toilets.


Why are you so mad at everyone? fyi...YOU spelled grammar incorrectly, and I clean toilets for a corporate bs, no drama, and job security !


Being a hardware manager and delivery coordinator with menards I disagree with how some of these stores handled the situations. There shoulda been a solution agreeable for both store and guest.

We have had similar issues with a few machines and exchanged them out. Once we got them back we shipped them to be serviced. If we didn't have another one in stock for the guest we ordered a new one. We didn't even require the guest to return the non functioning utv, we sent our delivery service to exchange them at the guests house.

End result satisfied guest. Idk about these other stores but the one I work at guest service is always top priority.

I assure you bad service isn't menards as a whole. It's the minority making the majority look bad.