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app 5 weeks ago we purchased a yard sport 400 utv in owensboro ky. we were happy until about the 3rd day after purchase the brakes starting locking up and 4 wheel was in operable.

we contacted the store and they stated we would have to bring it to a service center to be worked on. the closest location being 90 miles away. we agreed and loaded it up and took it there. menards stated this could not be returned b/c it had gas put in it, that they had put in it prior to us buying it.

it has been in there shop now for the whole time and still not repaired. So we feel we were screwed the day we bought it and took it home. We will not be making any future purchases at Menards, Maybe it will be returned before our warranty expires. when we first contacted they acted as if hey could care less.

It is not the repair shop that is taking so long.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Checked Menards online because we're interested in purchasing a side by side. After reading this comment we will not be purchasing one from Menards.


Glad to know it. Were considering one.


Did U leave the emergency brake on? And Drive it?? I own one of these and I did that--my fault--I don't blame anyone but me!!


We messed up and purchased a yard sport 400 we have had it in the shop and replaced the clutch twice ourselves and it is a pos that is gutless machine Menards should be ashamed of this product. Maybe a class action suit should be looked into on this product as it is a piece of trash from start to finish.


Bought a used 2012 yard sport 700 from a coworker dirt cheap for my kids to mess around on but finding it hard to figure out where to even get parts for them. Does anyone have a suggestion or know where to order parts?


I had the same thing happened to me the service center cut mine for 6 months then I got it back and all the vacuum lines were routed the brakes locked up again the clutch caught on fire it's a piece of *** the 400 XLT


if there is any one that wants to get rid of there yard sport that lives in north dakota or close to I will take it off there hands, I have a 400 xlt and love it , had a carb problem but fixed that my self eliminating all factory set up and resetting it my self, works great, grant it manufacturing set up and assembly sucks but going thru and make shure all bolts are tite is one thing. I will take what ever model, I redo and manufacture to the way I want it, even if I have to take out there junk motor and replace with honda my email you have to haul it to me thanks


I have a Yard Sport 400 with about 300 miles on it. I lost reverse in it and they wanted so much to fix it so I said I would try to do it myself.

I ordered all the parts for it, but I am getting to the point that I wonder if it would be easier to sell it. It has a cab, windshield and back curtain, engine is out ready to be fixed

Would you be interested in buying it.


Are u crazy


Same experience. Terrible product.

Terrible service. Terrible warranty backing by n manufacturer.

Don't buy. Problems day one.


The yardsports are a piece of S---. Waiting to see if we can get a shifter cable right now.

Bought it during winter & by the time summer came & we tried it out it already had problems starting & shifting etc. Hard to start & hard to keep running.

Wish we'd paid a little more & got a good one. Also Menard's employees know nothing about them & they don't service them!


I'll add my disgust to the long list. Every one sounded as though I wrote it.

We have had our 200 for about 18 months and it has been in the shop five/six of those months. The rest of the time was winter and we couldn't use it. The first shop we took it to (broken shift cables) would not take it back the second time. We got another shop to take it and when they called about the warranty, which was expired, he was told that if it was mechanically bad (faulty parts, etc.) they (Sportsworks) would pay.

Well, they did pay for the parts but not the $600.00 labor!!!!

Menards was of no help whatsoever. Just remember those names "yardsport" by Sportsworks and run as fast as you can!


Yeah I see what you mean.i treat customers like gold and I am ready to find a new job because of coworkers.they are only collecting a check and feel inconvenienced when you ask them for help.listen to their radio once.they sound ***.if I get in trouble again I lose my job.when it gets colder we get sent home and I will have to find another job to support family.i make $8.85 taking care of 3 others.


We had problems with out yard sport 400. Menards told us to take it for repairs.

It took 13 months to get it back...excuses from everyone. Had to mention contacting a lawyer then we got a call from the manufacture. Still took a couple more months. The repair shop won't return our calls or messages, no one at the shop either, until we told the manufacture that we were going to report it stolen, if we didn't hear from him in 24 hour.

Amazing we got a call saying it was done and we could pick it up. We right away and picked it up.

To add to insult someone had drove it over 80 miles. Was disappointed how menards treated us, and sending us to the #$#@ worthless repair shop


I have trouble with my UTV from menards to, i took mine back to the store the next day after I bought it and sense I had put gas in it that I couldn't return it. I told the employee it already had gas in it when I purchased it!

I asked to speak to the manager and he come out with a couple of employees took it off the trailer, road it around the parking lot it was spitting and sputtering, would not stay running and no power. the manager told me if I gave them 400.00 dollar restocking fee he would take it back. I said no he said that there was nothing that he could do for me then.

wile I was trying to load it back upon my trailer, It would not even go up the ramp. the manager and his two employee friends was standing over at the door laughing because it didn't have the power to go up the ramp.


You don't have to pay to restock.we always do it free.i have to put away stuff in the yard and do it for almost $8.86 an hr.split that between 4 people.sorry you went thru that


Same here!! They are a piece of junk and Menards will not stand behind them. I've had mine for two years and has been in the shop most of that time with brake problems. Last time was over 3 months waiting on parts.


Well yet another saga of " bend over your at menards" let me say this does not suprise me, pretty typical of how menards treats people. I purchased a mastercraft door that was defective and couldn't get any service from anybody, anywhere.

I was going to do the same thing with the door you were going to do with the machine, and told the store manager just that. Well he did take it back, but no money back... Wait.... A *** in store credit.

how about that?

I tell everyone, don't buy from menards. ZERO SERVICE!


I purchased the electric yardsport at Menards last year. I had it a couple of weeks and the solenoid burn out of it.

It took forever to find someone that would repair this piece of junk. I had to take it 40 miles to the closest repair shop. I've had nothing but trouble with it since. Right now it is sitting in the woods and won't start.

I had my nephew look at it and he said the solenoid was bad again. I have contacted Menards about the problems I have been having with it and they said I would have to contact the manufacturer which was no help. I would never buy from Menards again, they do not stand behind what they sell. All I used it for was to drive around the yard and pick up sticks.

I am 62 years old so it was in no way abused.

The batteries will not hold a charge and I have to keep it plugged in all the time. If I had a trailer to haul this thing back to Menards I would take it there and shove it through their front door !


I had the same problem with mine 3 days old and would not shift 2 months in the repair shop and a complaint to Menard,s VP and they called the repair shop long story short 2 days later it was fixed. Now 1-1/2 years later it is still running fine.

So there is hope hang in there. God Bless Cookie