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I worked for Menards from sept. 26, 2006 to Dec. 13, 2007. I worked in 3 different stores, Spencer,Ia. Des Moines,Ia. and St Joseph,Mo. I can tell you this much the only thing and I mean the only thing they cared about was there bottom line. If that ment sending their workers home early and leaving no one in the department to help the customers then so be it. Every Monday morning we had a managers meeting which was all the dept. managers and the store asst. and manager. The first thing that we talked about was payroll. The manager would say that the store isn't making payroll so if it slow in your dept. then send your part timers home. It didn't matter that business would pick up later we sent them home. Many times I would have done this and then had customers standing there waiting for me to finish with my customer so I could help them. Problem was that most times I would see the customer leave because I was taking to long whit the customer I had. The manager didn't care that that happened because all he was concerned with was making payroll for the week and/or the year. By him making payroll each week he would get a nice bonus and at the end of the year it would be a very nice bonus. well over $5000.00

The reason I am writing this is because when I put in my 2 weeks notice on Dec 7, 2007 I was to work till Dec. 21, 2007. I knew that I needed to work past Dec. 15 to get my IPS (instand profit sharing) bonus. Well Dec. 13 came along and the store manager called me into his office and let me go. I then called the general office in Eau Claire,Wi and told them what had just happened and wanted to know if I would get my IPS bonus. They told me to call back at the end of Feb. 2008 so I did. I was told that I didn't work past Dec. 15 so I would not get my IPS bonus. To get the IPS bonus you have to work atleast 1000 hours during the year. I worked over 2700 hours. This is the way they treat their workers and customers. It is ALL about the bottom line with menards. I can tell you now that I would never tell a friend that menards is a good company to work for or to shop at.

Menards SUCK!!!!

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Not the worst place to work. Definitely a lot of insincerity going on though on the part of the managers. Also, HR has a thing or two to learn about addressing workplace harassment and behavior in general.



Ok so help me out on this one..... I started Menards April 10th 2008..

the year of 2016 I worked 800 hours I decided to quit October 1 2016 to become a at home mom well things didn’t work out ( unexpected bills ) so I came back December 1 2016. This all happened the same W2 year,, So this year ( 2017 ) I got well over my 1000 hours. In which every one told me if I didn’t get IPS 2 years in a row that I would get dropped back down to 2.5% so I made sure to get my 1000 hours in..

as we were in our IPS meeting they announced my dollar amount and I was totally pissed they started me all over 9 years at being with menards they started me all over... can anyone explain this to me cause my managers sure can’t....


If you only had 800 hours in 2016 you didn't qualify for profit sharing so yes, you would start all over again in 2017 at 2.5%. If you had quit and come back in 2016 and hit your 1000 hours by the 15th of December you would have made profit sharing and still be at your 15%. Problem is you quit last year and didn't come back and get you 1000 hours to count as continuous employment.


Right but they also told me that if you don’t get it 2 years in a row then it starts all over... is that false or true


I think the problem is that you left the company. If you had stayed employed and missed a year the result may have been different.


They screw everyone over I.P.S.. It's a joke.

Plus, if you do get it, they will illegally take nearly on third out in taxes.

It's the old carrot and stick trick to keep people working for nothing. Don't buy into it.


Don't know why you call it a joke. It's a good bonus for those that earn it.

As long as you meet the requirements you'll get your check. I don't know why you say they illegally take out taxes. They are required to withhold taxes. The higher withholding is due to the fact the checks are quite a bit larger than your weekly check.

They withhold exactly what is on the tax tables.

Some people bump up the number of dependents they during February so less is withheld from the check. There aren't a lot of retail companies that pay the kind of profit sharing Menards does.


Menards is a terrible place to work. The general managers only care about getting ahead!

We had a receiving manger get a general manger knocked up while married to the delivery corrsinaor. The delivery coordinator called corporate and they did absolutely nothing...


I used to love working at Menards then I got a department manager from *** She has made my life a living *** and the higher-ups turn a deaf ear.


That doesn't mean you have a bad department manager. I worked at a Menards store where about 15% of the employees quit when a new store manager came in.

Why? They quit because the store manager expected everyone to follow the company policies and didn't allow favoritism in scheduling and treatment of employees by the department managers. Was this a bad thing? Not at all.

The people that left were the people that loved to bend the policies, and got all the desired shifts leaving everyone else to cover the less desirable shifts.

Once they were gone moral went up in the store as everyone was treated the same and expected to carry an equal weight. Could it be you don't like the new manager because they are expecting you to do the job you were hired to do?


You should be smart enough to know a few things. To get profit sharing you have to work 1,000 hours in a year, you must be employed on Dec.

15th and the store has to be profitable. As a department manager you get a bonus for every day you make payroll and are fined for days you miss payroll. You get your bonus in your weekly check but you fine comes out of your year end bonus. Store manages get their bonus on their weekly check as well but their fine is also deducted from their weekly check and their fines and bonuses are considerably larger than yours.

I bet you would be a little more concerned about payroll if the fine was coming out of your weekly check as well. Why on earth would you give notice in December if you wanted to earn your bonus? You have told them you are no longer interested in supporting the company. What reason do they have to keep you around?

By terminating your employment they saved the money they would have paid you in profit sharing.

If you would have turned in your notice on Jan 1st you would have earned both your profit sharing and manager bonus. It's pretty obvious that you hadn't developed the Menards management mindset and your primary concern wasn't putting money on the bottom line otherwise you would have realized they would let you go to avoid paying your bonus.


I worked at menards for almost 3 years. I was doing almost everything to help until 2 other cashiers was plotting on me to get me fired and they got what they wanted since i stood up for myself and i work pass all the dates so am i going to get the ips check.?


As long as you had 1,000 hours in and were employed on December 15th you should get your check.


Demand to get your bonus in writing. They promise to pay you 5,000 for bonus based on productivity.

Get a signed contract with your signature and their signature on it. Sign and date it. Make sure you read and understand before signing. A unilateral contract will not work and it is rendered null and void should you have to go to a court proceeding.

They will have you running on a hamster wheel dangling a carrot stick out in front of you to nowhere. Then, should they not live up to their agreement, you can file a complaint with the wage and hour board. Then you can file a complaint regarding wage theft and then breach of contract. People are far way too trusting and they assume that the employer is going to promise to deliver on goods not received.

They are not looking out for you. They are looking out for themselves.


My husband died 37 days before dec.15, after working for menards 22 years, I was told I would not be entitled to receive any of his accumulated profit sharing. Definately not a company to work for.


You could have gave your 2 weeks after the 15th....


They were fired on the 13. Read.


If they had waited till the 16th to give notice they would have earned their check. They knew good and well how Menards likes to save payroll.

They gave a 2 week notice that they were leaving which indicates your heart really isn't in the job anymore. The store manger decided to save the cost of the profit sharing check (which is counted as payroll dollars for the store) and let them part employment without working out the full 2 week notice.


Agreed. every other *** knows that.

Duh they gonna get rid of you if you put your two weeks in before. You probably sucked at your job anyways.


Do they drug test