There's always someone complaining about our rebates. Trust us, we know it's a terrible and unfair system.

We understand that you really don't save anything because you just get back a credit check only good at Menards. Most of the time, contractors are the only ones who love it because they spend a lot at Menards. Yes, you shouldn't have to wait 2+ months just to receive your $3 rebate check, it's ***. We all agree that you should just get $3 off at the registers.

Some other employees might disagree with me, but majority of them do agree. How do think we feel when we have to tell customers that they only get $110 back in Menards credit on a $1000 purchase? They don't like to hear it and we don't like telling them.

Customers. you're not alone.

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I agree entirely. I hate the rebate program and am done shopping at Menards.

They'd do better to not try to do anything. Rebates programs waste everyone's time.


In my experience most rebate problems are caused by the customer's own errors. You'd be amazed how many people mail their rebate forms to the store(not the right place,btw).

Or people think the rebate is for some unlimited amount so they buy like 10 of the rebated item when the limit is 2,then they can't understand why their rebate is less than they think it should be.

If you can read and follow instructions you'll most likely get your rebate. I don't do them a lot but I've always got mine.


I love the rebate program. I buy tons of stuff on rebate and never have any issues.

No other company sells stuff for as cheap as Menards due to the rebate program. It's great.


The majority of Menards employees do not AGREE. Speak for yourself not others. My store has no issue with the rebates it's a simple concept if you have an average comprehension level. If you can't figure them out then you're obviously not too bright. No one is forcing you to send them in, don't like rebates then just buy stuff that is on regular price or sale. They are not required to shop at Menards.

At my store we dislike the rebate shoppers. They are mostly old rude people who load up their carts with the same items over and over again. They've not spent money at Menards in years.

No idea why you referenced contractors, they get much better deals than what rebates have to offer if they're in our contractor program. If you knew a thing about Menards you would know that the item's that go on rebate are our lower-end stuff; like toolshop. It's also the same items over and over. The items contractors want never go on rebate because they know a contractor will pay that price for it. The only time a contractor would care about it would be during the 11% rebate sale, when they can purchase anything they want and get that deal.

Conclusion speak for yourself or at the very least your store. It's obvious your a cashier and I hate to break it to you but they're the employees who know the least about store.


Here we go again....no one can be right about not liking something to do with Menards way of doing business. Even if they work there. And then you get a clueless employee who contradicts themselves over and over.

"No idea why you referenced contractors," yet then say "contractor would care ..... during the 11% rebate sale, when they can purchase anything they want and get that deal."

You really look *** when you do this. Just saying. :zzz


lol Heartless you crack me up sometimes. Team members on the majority hate the rebate program, so does rebates international which is in fact is conveniently located in the Menards general office which just happens to be technically Elk Mound, WI. (Small minuscule town that is right on the edge of Eau Claire) Hence the mailing address.

True the rebates are easy to fill out, but they are manually entered into the computer by entry level team members. Mistakes can and do happen on Menards part all the time.

False, contractors LOVE the rebate program and take full advantage of the rebates. The biggest ones are the shingles and the insulation rebates... and yes the 11% But contractors love the rebates the most because they get to charge their customer full price yet get back extra money.

It's obvious that you're a team member from a smaller store, because of the policies you break and the lack of general knowledge you have of the company. Before you rag on everyone work at the GO and see how the company truly is.

@No one

That's telling him. :) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll