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Bought a Dirty Hands Roto-Tiller in April of 2015. Did not go together smoothly at all.

Three letters written to the manufacturer. Used it means I put gas in it. That's a no no to Menards. It ran the first time and did three gardens.

Garden grew. Went to till up the garden after the growing season in the fall. Would not start. I TOOK IT TO A REPAIR SHOP.

Now it works. Did what I needed to do. Tried to start it later on before I put it away for the winter. Wouldn't start.

Walked into Menards as bold as brass and said it's yours now. Long story short is that will give me nothing. NO MONEY BACK, USELESS LETTERS WRITTEN BY ME. NO RESOLVE.


Reason of review: BAD CUSTOMER SER. DO NOT CARE.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Guest services.

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Yep! Used it once.

Two weeks later it will not start.

Got the run around by dirty hands and menards.

Piece of ***.

Should have known dirty and manure goes together. Will NEVER buy another dirtyhand product Ever.


Do you have an update on this John? Or are you planning to just leave an open ended lie sitting out there?


It's called knowing what you are buying. You bought a *** Chinese made product, you get what you pay for.

I'm sure the return policy was clearly written somewhere, but you were too lazy/*** to read it.

I spend a lot of money at Menards (roofing contractor/handyman) and love this company, but I am always careful to know exactly what I am buying ahead of time and I don't get the cheap Chinese stuff.

Also, a company like Menards cannot take responsibility for the idiots who do things like forget to put oil in a machine, or use regular gas in a 2 stroke motor and then try to return it yelling and crying that it "doesn't work."


What if it is expensive American made crap? I bought Elkay cabinets from the show room that are yellowing and bubbling after approx.

two years. The limited lifetime warranty is a joke. KCMA certification another laugh. Menards needs to take responsibility when they let venders sell in their store.

I relied on the sales assoc.

expertise, but he wasn't gonna tell me anything that would kill the sale. The waiver of responsibility that I got AFTER I paid for the cabinets is just another example of dirty tricks.


Probably 15 letters to different people ,John Menard, Dirty Hands Tools, Fox Lake Store Manager and Guest Services in EauClair WI. Very little acknowledgement of my efforts letterwise.

Arlene Krueger is a person who has so many customers that our PISSED OFF at Menards for one reason or another that her so called job of Guest Services is a farce. She is hopeless to resolve so many complaints in their sales area indicate how ineffective she is in her job. She should retire or give up since she does not have the support of so called upper management to solve problems.

John Menard is a mill stone around her neck.


Miss *** AKA Arlene Krueger: How long is this going to continue? For you it's me trying to communicate w/you.

I think that I am doing a great job calling u names, demeaning either u or John Menard or Brian @ Fox Lake. All of ur efforts or lack of r solely to back-up ur pt of view and/or the company stance based on ur made up rules of returning a part, in this case a big part that uses gas-o-line. I now find out that the tiller has been shipped to the District Center in Wis. What are u going to do w/ a machine that won't run?

What irresponsible, lack luster *** is going to process that piece of equipment that I paid for, fore-which u refuse to refund the purchase price which I paid. You r either a mindless puppet of a scoundrel John Menard or some other low life person who lacks all good business sense regards how to treat a cash paying customer. Do u even have a conscience knowing as much about me, how I feel and what anger, frustration and mental anxiety that u have put me thru ? THIS IS ALL ON YOU.

U have a job, a position that demands that you not only consider the so called rules of your profession, BUT you must also consider me and my plight, acting as my advocate against the company U work 4. U R not the companys defense mechanism against the customer. YOU R my advocate in dealing w them me 4 me. Does the title Guest Services mean anything 2 U ?

I am the guest and so far it's only been WAR between us. U have not served me in any way. Guest Services is a FARCE and the mere fact that U have a web site regarding pissed off customers says it all. U R A BAD PERSON.



@John Culpepper

The Dirty Hands Rotiller had the correct oil, new gasoline for the 2015 season, properly assembled and stored in a clean two car garage. I know how to care for my gas machines.

True there are *** out there who don't know jack. This is not me.


Menards doesn't care. Maybe if your a big time contractor, but not the average joe.

I bought cabinets from their show room, and it was one problem after the other. They called me to say my cabinets were in, so I had my contractor switch gears and rip out my kitchen only to get a call later that evening stating it was just my counter top that was in. I used coolers for my microwave and coffee maker for two weeks. The day of delivery the driver refused to help unload.

My husband and my contractor unloaded most of the truck even though the contract stated customer not to help unload. Lastly found out that an end cabinet was left unpainted. Their solution was to send me a big hunk of material which they could have easily cut to size. When I tried to call the manager to complain he wouldn't even call me back.

I think he felt he didnt have to since it was past the 3 day period. I haven't bought one thing from Menards since all this. I'm having more problems with the cabinets and Menards just helps the manufacturer give me the run around. A store employee told me that the rep was on vacation, then it was complication in pregnancy, then I was told the reps were redistricted.

My cabinets are yellowing and bubbling now. I bought them 8/2015. They claim built for life, but when I finally spoke to a rep he said, "considering the age of your cabinets." They were only 2.5 yrs old when this started. "Built for life" MY a*@.

Merchandisers need to be held responsible. The only way for that to happen is the community needs to come together, and shop in their stores.

I haven't bought a nail from them in the last 2 years, and haven't missed them at all. Save big money when you shop Menards should really read throw away good money when you shop Menards


Well John Culpepper, they stole nothing from you. You bought a low quality product out of ignorance then clearly struggled to maintain it.

What type of gas did you use? Was the gas fresh? Did you use any fuel additives? Did you change the oil?

Did you forget to add oil? How did you store the unit? The reason Menards does not take back items once gas is put into the unit is a very simple concept! The item is now used!

It has lost a lot of a value! Often It's the consumer fault the item no longer works! Often people try to use them as a free rental shop! Oh I'll just buy it and return it after my project!

Honestly if you were in Menards shoes you would have a similar policy to protect yourself from fraud and clueless people.

This policy is not exclusive to Menards! WalMart and Home Depot have similar policies, and I'm sure many other companies do as well.


Every small engine related product sold at menards is low quality Chinese garbage with no customer support (same applies to their propane gas grills as well). Local hardware stores with small engine departments won't even touch this imported junk since parts access is so limited, forever backordered and warranty labor is fraction of what the service center charges the public.

Mr shark nasty / menards employee of the month you contradict yourself, first you say the item is a low quality item so bound to issues right off the bat, then you jump to failure due to poor maintenance, how do you maintain something thats a lemon from day one, then you jump to use and return fraud........... how do you use the item if its a piece of junk lemon that had issues from day one. Menards no return once gas added is a joke they came up with solely to pass the buck to someone else. Imagine buying a new car and being told heres your car, its untested and in a box, bring your own gas and oil to the dealer and if it fails to start just have it towed away at your expense.

When my elderly neighbor was in your shoes with menards I assisted him file a dispute with his credit card, then once approved we dropped off the lemon at menards, had the manager sign for receiving the property then the neighbor was issued a full refund via master card and menards kept the useless item. I then took him to a real small engine dealer and purchased a much higher quality item for 50% more money but worth every penny

@Mister customer

Mister customer, you truly do spew garbage from your mouth don't you. These so called low end imports are found at every other retailer, just under a different name.

All you did was pay 50% more for an item in a different wrapper. And yes they are all pretested prior to being shipped. So either you pretend like you know what you are talking about, or you are just that ***, i don't know you so you can decide that. So with them being pretested and working prior to being used, that would leave you to believe the issue was caused from either the gas or oil being used/not being used causing the problem.

But as this country falls further to a heap due to this "what have you done for me lately" attitude everyone has, and i deserve everything because I'm "special", be proud you cried loud enough to be heard even with no facts and an ignorant mindset, good for you, perfect and model american. PS, every piece of equipment has a warranty covered by a factory authorized service center, anything that breaks from a defect is covered under warranty at no charge, interesting how everyone leaves that little part out.

@everyone feels entitled 16

Guest services is just a title to make the company look good, but make no mistake her job is to protect Menards.


humbug! Everything that is returned to a store is used to some degree.