Minneapolis, Minnesota

Purchased about 16 boxes of floor tiles (on sale) from the Burnsville,Mn store. They're off by as much as a 16th of an inch.

Installer took three times longer than necessary and the costs skyrocketed. Menards requires my 'skew" number before addressing the matter. We bought the tiles two years ago, just installing them this past three weeks. We were referred to their Wisconsin location to file the complaint.

No phone call, just a form for us to fill out.

Talked to several Flooring Contractors and they advised that the tiles Menards sells (on sale) are factory rejects. Menards didn't bother to tell us that when they took our money.

  • unsquare floor tiles
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They do NOT sell factory rejects! The installed complaint form is the ONLY way to deal with....get this....an INSTALLED item. They tried to offer you help, and you were being obnoxious......get over it!


Off by as much as a 1/16th of an inch! Are you Kidding, so some were off by 1/32nd. That is what grout lines are for.


Are you serious or trolling? 1/16th of a inch?

Did you realize tape measures a calibrated to be accurate to 1/16th of a of a inch.... And it's a SKU number the stock keeping unit, and of course they would need that to verify what exactly the product is/was.