Unsatisfied customer Its been 10 days and this issue is still not resolved I wouldve thought this company and Delta what is it taking a lot better care of the customer than they did

User's recommendation: Be careful.

Location: American Fork, Utah

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Menards doesn't have stores in Utah.


Wal Mart has no stores on Jupiter.


Did you try deltamachineryparts.com?


I tried theitemipurchasdisapieceofgarbageandwantmymoneybacknow.com


Try NoOneCares.......com You'll find them to be a well-staffed group who could care less about you or your petty issues. You should have kept everything related to a large purchase. You didn't and are now paying the price you silly muppet.


I called my credit card company and explained the item I purchased is a lemon and both the manufacture who is staffed overseas, as well as the retailer I purchased the item from are absolutely useless. They filed a dispute for me.

As instructed I took the item back to menards, had the cashier sign a form stating they are now in possession of the item, left it with them and faxed the form back to my credit card company.

They will issue a credit to my monthly statement and withhold the original register transaction. Attempt to screw the consumer over with poor merchandise and store staffing, and I will ensure to inform people near and far.


"who is staffed overseas" This is what you get for being cheap and using the lowest-priced vendor you can find. They make their money by selling low-quality supplies and employing offshore call centers.

If you WANT quality and great service, STOP dealing with Big Box stores, especially the cheapest of them all, and find a local, higher-priced vendor. Loser...


These big box bullies put stores that were owned decades within the same family out of business. When home depot, menards, and Wal Mart opened, the locksmith, 3 hardware stores, bakery, florist, 2 paint and wallpaper stores, lumber store, plumbing supply store, bike store, 2 small engine repair stores, independent grocery store and independently owned department store all went under, most of which were opened 20 to 70 years.


The big box stores didn't put small local shops out of business. It was people that valued low prices more than they valued quality products and good service that put them out of business.


Why do do keep complaining about Menards? They don't make the saw.

You should be contacting Delta's customer service department for replacement parts. If they can't help you then your complaints should be with Delta rather than Menards.


WTF... And the issue is?????



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