Owensboro, Kentucky

I went into the Owensboro Ky Menards to order and pick up 30 landscaping timbers that were on sale. The clerk and the department manager both refused to sell me the timbers without my personal phone number.

I asked them why they had to have personal info like that to sell something. They said it was for identification when I went back to the rear to load up. I offered them a look at my drivers license, military Id and weapons permit card. Nope this wasn't good enough.

The anal retentive idiots just had to have my phone number which doesn't prove my identity.

I told them that they had lost a customer to the whole chain forever.

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How about giving them a fake number. Make it one you can remember like transposing the last 2 numbers of yours or where you work.


Funny. They wanted your phone number for YOUR security and you denied to give it to them.

It's not like they're going to commit identity theft with your *** phone number. They keep it in a secured computer filing system anyway...


Look...your phone number is something you won't forget. Invoices and orders are easily looked up by using your phone number. Would you prefer they create an account number for you and you would have to remember another number to check on orders or get a duplicate yard pass if you drop yours and it blows away

(don't say it doesn't happen..it does).


Wow. Hard to believe the responses here.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people blindly give out their phone number to anyone who asks for it. I often do myself -- and I get, on average, two to three unwanted phone calls a day thanks to that policy. Some people have paid for unlisted numbers to avoid harassment, not to mention all the products (caller ID, etc.) and services (call blocking) which have generated profit from those seeking to escape from the interruptions, drain on their time, and frequent (although temporary) interference with their ability to use their phones for their own purposes. Nationwide, the abuse of the phone system has become so widespread that the Federal government went to the trouble of creating an entire program, dubbed the "Do Not Call" list, just to try to cut back on the abuses (yet they go on unabated).

So here's a company which asks for your number, even though they have no need of it for its legitimate purpose (phone calls), ostensibly wants if for identification even though it isn't a form of identification, and refuses all legitimate forms of identification offered, and somehow you're the one who's being unreasonable? Unbelievable.

@Tough crowd . . .

You're a ***....

@Tough crowd . . .

Why is he afraid of their using his phone number as an account number? He would rather have them use a drivers license number which would be a greater security risk than using his phone number.

Someone isn't thinking straight here. If he didn't want to provide this information to drive into their secured yard he could have gone out back and loaded his timbers on a cart and taken them through the cash registers.


It's a phone number.... you stopped shopping there over a phone number...

really... and you called them idiots.


It's a phone number..... you give yours out to anyone who ask even when it's not being used for what they say is the purpose?


And you think he's an ***. :zzz


How has Menards grown to close to 300 stores if taking your phone number is so wrong. It would seem to me that you are paranoid for some reason. It's obviously not a problem with the customers that have allowed the company to grow the way it has.


Menards doesn't keep a copy of your invoice. If you were to lose it (which happens ALL THE TIME) then they could easily find it by giving them your phone number.

They're not going to verify if its the right number, so just make up one that you can remember if you're that *** paranoid. This is far from an unreasonable request.

Its funny that you're that offended by this that you have to take to the internet. Just go to Lowe's, you sound like you're a pain in the *** anyways.


Your phone number? That's what you're so upset about?

Your number isn't that big of a deal. People can probably find your number in the phonebook or online. You are making too big a deal out of this. Like has been said previously, it's a security measure because they need to have someway of tracking who is in the back.

You could always load it yourself and go through the registers but if you want to drive around which would be easier you have to give a phone number. If it was your SSN then go and complain, but not wanting to give out your phone number is petty.


Let's put it this way. Do you let people into your backyard without a clue who they are?

I'm guessing you don't. So why should Menards?

There's 10's of thousands of dollars in merchandise out there they would like to protect. Get over yourself.


This is a *** excuse. He offered several official forms of ID.

Anyone can make up a phone number, like "WOW" says.

Get yourself together, DUHHH!!! :zzz


Wow you didnt get past the 1st question. Load them timbers up yourself and haul them through the store if you are too paranoid to give up your info.


It's just the system that is in place for Meanrds. It helps prevent theft for people who enter the yard.

It also keeps you in the system for future placement of orders. It speeds things up a lot for the employees. You give your phone number and bam there you are. If you were smart you would have just gave a phony number, Menards would have not verified it.

The interesting part is weekly thousands to hundred of thousands of people give their phone numbers to Menards with out worry... Want to know why? Because it's not something that can be stolen and used against you.... It's much worst to give out your ID and SOC number than your phone number...

YOU NEED TO CHILL... Oh and we are glad you are going somewhere else to shop because you're one of those DVMB DVMBS who give us a hard time for nothing reason.