Today my 17 year old brother picked up a mobile order at the Pekin, IL location for my grandpas current job. When he entered the store to get his order he asked multiple times if this was the correct order and all the employees confirmed that was his order.

After my 17 year old brother left the store and drove 30 minutes to my grandpas house. They realized this was not the correct order. They called the store and informed them this was not his order and my brother would be back to get his correct order and return these items. When he arrived back at the store none of the employees would help him and they continued whisper about him.

Then he was greeted with a very unprofessional first assistant general manger, Ryan. Ryan rudely instructed my brother to go into this room. My brother said no he was just there to return these items and get his order. Ryan gave him no choice and made him to into the room.

Ryan left the room and closed the door leaving my brother in there alone. Ryan return with a large man who stood in the room while He interrogated my brother. Ryan accused my brother of stealing the items and said he would be receiving a felony charge. After my brother explained the situation to him again and said he was a minor Ryan let him go.

Ryan then followed my brother and tried to give him a paper for his order, which was the WRONG PAPER.

That clearly said Pekin School at the top. Over all this was a very unprofessional situation that should have been handled way better.

User's recommendation: I would not go back to this store.

Location: Peoria, Illinois

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Why are you Not contacting Menards Corporate Headquarters about this? Posting on pissedconsumer.com Will Not get you an answer, if that is what you want.


Other consumers and himself post regarding situations of poor customer service to notify the public. If he had simply contacted menards corporate the situation would have gone "under the table" only to receive a prewritten form letter from"ray". By posting on here your notifying the public how menards in pekin Illinois operates.


Accusing a customer of shoplifting because the employee gave him the wrong order????? sounds like an A+ way to run a business. If mcdonalds followed in menards footsteps think of how many customers would become felons when the store employee gives the customer the wrong bag.

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