Terre Haute, Indiana
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Is it possible to have your twenty dollar bills checked at service desk before you shop at Menards? I shopped at Menards at their Terre Haute location Aug.

8 2013. When being checked out at the register the cashier rang a bell I assumed for change when some employee came up and told me they could not accept my 2 twenty dollars for my 31.00 plus purchase because they were counterfit. After much embarrasment to me, I ask him to check the four other twenties that I had with me. Come to find out the cashier was using the wrong kind of marker.

The gentleman seamed upset when I ask him to replace the 2 twenty dollar bills that he had marked up with a brown instead of a curency marker.To save embarassment at the register is it possible to have money checked first?

Pissed customer Eddie R. Noel

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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I would feel the same way


Not saying that's not a pretty embarrassing predicament, I would be mortified too, but seeing how most of Menards' cashiers are 16 year olds working 12 hours a week at best, I tend to cut them some slack.


Also try and find someone in the lumberyard to help you load your car or truck (I am a woman). Good luck.

They seem to disappear when you need their help. Little Houdini's that collect paychecks.


Well congrats, you have just been initiated into " bend over your at menards". Isn't it great how they treat paying customers? I would never darken those doors again if I were you, lowes and Home Depot both treat their customers with the highest regard, menards just wants your money, even if its counterfeit.


Yes let us replace your counterfeit money because you are having a bad day lmao :grin


did you read it wasnt counterfeit ...geez