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I went to Menards in Marion, IL. on April 9th to pick up a window 24"x30".

I was ask to drive around the back on the store for pick up. The guard at the gate told me, door 9. An employee of Menards put in my back seat as I asked. I drove back to the gate.

When I stop at the gate the guard asked to look in the trunk. I said, "no the window is in the back seat." The guard didn't even look in my seat but said "you are not leaving till I look in your trunk!" I said, "You are no looking in my trunk when the item is in the back seat." (This now is a unlawful restraint.) The guard call the police. I told the police officer they had no reason to look in my trunk. Will the trunk was opened.

The guard then started looking in my bags, ask if there were shoes in the shoe boxes and did they come from ***"s Sproting Goods?

Then look at all my other bags with more guestions. Closed my trunk and opened the gate I was free to go.

I was sick..........

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If the policy was to empty your pockets or have your purse inspected before leaving a store I think you would have a HUGE problem with it. A trunk is the same thing, NO ONE can order a motorist to comply with company policy or be arrested!!!!


It is simple Menards is private property and is a gated area. No there is not always an employee that can see what a car is doing.

I have done security for over 12 years, and I respect the things guards have to do. One of the worst jobs is being a security guard because people think they need to be an exception to the rules. Here is the thing I do not care who you are everyone is going to be held to the same standard. Now the guard may have done wrong not asking if they did not ask to see the trunk and ask if there was anything in the trunk that could be mistaken for Menards Property.

As a guard that is one of the parts of the job. It is posted and customers are well aware of the policy especially ones that are regulars. What could have saved all the hassle was opening up the trunk when asked it is not that hard.

How would you like to have your job on the line for not checking a trunk like you are supposed to. Sorry I am going to do my job as I need to because you are not going to support myself or any other guard that could get fired for not following proper procedures.


as people have previously mentioned it is posted at the entrance that your trunk is going to be checked. if you had just opened it when he asked he probably would have just glanced in real quick and you would have been on your way. the minute you start refusing to open it they get real suspicious.


The entire "inventory my car trunk on the way in" argument is ridiculous. You're entering their store with items you previously purchased, the fact that part of their store is outside is irrelevant. Would you walk into Best Buy with 10 video games stuffed into your coat then get angry when they questioned you on the way out about why you're walking out of the store with unpaid for items which they sell?


Same thing happened to me tonight. I shop at Meanrd's just about once a week.

I hadn't been into the lumber yard with car with a trunk for a while. I was driving my car pulling a 5x10 trailer. I purchased $200 worth of stuff in the store and needed to pick up my four sheets of 5/8" plywood from the yard. The guard checked my trailer on the way in but not the car (and trunk).

On the way out he asked to see in the trunk. I refused. My problem here is that I may have had stuff from Menard's from previous trips AND that they did NOT SEARCH the TRUNK UPON MY ENTERING. If I'd have thought about it on my way in I would've ASKED them that they do so.

After I asked for the on duty supervisor. They ended up calling the local PD with my complete agreement and detaining me. When the local PD got there I offered to let the PD search my car after objecting to the whole policy calling it entrapment. The local PD threatened me with a tow and search at the station if I did not comply with Menard's, but said that THEY (the PD) did NOT want to look in the trunk.

They watched as the Menard's workers rummaged through my truck. It turns out I DID have other stuff from Menard's in my trunk, purchased on previous trips. I had: a partially used can of 40:1 fuel/oil (from Menard's), partially used can of bar & chain oil (from Menard's), new a bag of chicken grit (from Fleet Farm), & new in the package LED flash light. I had purchased two of the flash lights.

Left one in the trunk. It was still in the plastic Menard's bag. They asked if I had a receipt for it. Of course I didn't.

I had purchased it and the other weeks before when I needed a flash light to repair trailer wiring in the dark. (BTW: I had my other $100 worth of stuff from that day inside the cabin of the car, they never looked in the car. If I wanted to steal a flash light I would've put it under the seat) They decided to let me be on my way and then told ME they would PREFER I not come back. I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of materials from them in the last year or two.

There's a Lowe's and a Home Depot within a mile of them. They're completely nuts.

So my biggest problems here are that they didn't ask if I wanted the trunk inspected on my way in. I would've gladly complied. They should take an inventory on the way in of everything they will inspect on the out.

Second is that the PD said they'd tow my car (make me pay for the tow) because I wouldn't comply with Menard's policy. They agreed they had no probable cause to search my car on site.

Menard's had absolutely no reason (or proof) that I or my wife had stole anything. I'm thinking about going back and purchasing one green treated 2x4 (they are outside on the far fence) every day next week and making the guard take a complete inventory with SKUs of everything in my car on my way IN each time.


There was a party, wasn't there?


why not just drive off, i doubt the guard can catch up to you at 40mph and while you are driving off give him the finger.


How did you pass your driving test? I mean you can't even spell the simplist words, and your grammar is horrible. Maybe if you act as dumb as you type he came to the conclusion that the car was stolen because there is no way you passed a driving test with your stupidness and thought perhaps you stole other things as well?


What are you complaining about? There is a sign posted outside the guard gate telling you they will inspect your vehicle.

If you don't want them checking your trunk you shouldn't have entered the yard. You could have loaded the window on a cart and pushed it through the front of the store.


I always ask people if I can check their trunks and 99% of the time they are fine with it. Usually when I get people who refuse to have me check their trunk I tell them that I have to get a good count of the stuff they bought just in case they are either short of items or over.

If they absolutely refuse I just call the front end manager and have them deal with the "guest". To be honest I don't give a *** what they have in their trunks. I just want to make sure they aren't taking the wrong items they purchased or extra items they didn't purchase so that I don't end up losing my job.

I am not a police officer. I am just a humble gate guard.


Open the darn trunk and be on your way. Seriously.


i work at menards and therefore probably hate it as much as anyone else (working for a big company eventually makes you hate it) but seriously...we have people stealing all the time, can you blame someone for doing a little loss provention? If you owned Menards you'd do the same *** thing!

The reason nobody else checks vehicles is because they choose to run their business less efficiently and are ok with losing large profits to theft. Put yourself in Menards shoes and stop being such a pain in the ***'s people like you that brings down store morale and makes us yard workers want to smack guests with 2x4' give all the polite people a bad name and wonder why the world doesn't revolve around your self righteous ***!


LOL, another one that just has to complain about everything! It's Menards policy to check trunks of cars and freight trucks pulling out of the yard for stolen/lost goods.

All this uncooperative customer had to do was open the trunk. You made a full of yourself by arguing, making YOU look suspicious of stealing.

It's that simple. Next time, to save yourself a headache, just do what you are told to do!


Without question this is the biggest hit on Menards. They can't search people bodily in Wisconsin anymore so they found new ways to irritate their customers.

If theft is such a big deal, why does NO other store in the northern hemisphere put their customers through this? Fleet Farm, Home Depot, Lowes, all have gates, but no one violates your personal rights like Menards.

Trust me, no one is trying that hard to steal the *** that Menards sells. And yeah, I don't shop there anymore.


It may not be illegal but it sounds like a bad policy. I may be wrong because I haven't been in the back of Menard's for a while now, but aren't you usually in at least one employees sight, while in your car.


I work in the yard at Menards. Just open your trunk it takes a second to do.

The guard at the guardshack has no idea if you opened your trunk or not while you were in the yard. People try to steal from us all the time. What makes you any different? We do have cameras in the yard too.

It still would take 15-20 minutes before a store manager would look at them to see if you opened your trunk or not.

For real, some people complain about the most *** *** things. Plus this dumb@ss thinks that he/she is in the right.


I work in the yard at Menards. Just open your trunk it takes a second to do.

The guard at the guardshack has no idea if you opened your trunk or not while you were in the yard. People try to steal from us all the time. What makes you any different? We do have cameras in the yard too.

It still would take 15-20 minutes before a store manager would look at them to see if you opened your trunk or not.

For real, some people complain about the most *** *** things. Plus this dumb@ss thinks that he/she is in the right.


Jesus, Sara, what the *** are you talking about?? This is two posts in a row that you have made almost zero sense. What are you trying to say????


Feeling sick really does not have to be an emotion that you feel... it's really not that bad.

After all, don't feel bad.

If employees park in the back for some reason such as Black Friday and pertaining to all of the needs of psycho people deciding to shop at menards the day after thanksigiving.... our trunks get checked as well.


Notice the sign at the entrance and the exit...."Your trunk will be searched". You're on Menard's property, therefore you'll have to follow Menard's rules.

If you don't like it, go steal somewhere else. I always assume that if you're not willing to let the guard take a quick peak in the trunk, you must be hiding something.

Once again, get over yourself and follow the rules (that are posted). Or don't...I hear Lowe's has a great deal on tools this week.