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Update by user Aug 31, 2020

I dont know how this site can put down resolved when I JUST added my review it HAS NOT BEEN RESOLEVED PROBABLY WON'T BE BECAUSE MENARDS DOES NOT CARE!!!

Original review posted by user Aug 31, 2020

I was asked to leave and told them I have a MEDICAL Reason for not wearing one and was surrounded by 7-10 employees like i was going to harm someone because I WAS NOT WEARING A MASK!! They went WAY TO FAR!

I WAS SCARED!! This is the way you treat your used to be most loyal customers. You can look up my husband's name and know we drop A LOT OF $$ IN YOUR ESTABLISHMENT!! I WILL SUE WHEN THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY DECIDED IF HE'S TAKING ON MY AND OTHERS CASES AGAINST THIS BUSNESS!!

I really was scared and was told I was going to be trespassed if I didn't leave. But I couldn't my husband had already entered in and I did not have the keys to our vehicle in a 100 weather.

The whole situation could have been avoided if this company wasn't breaking federal law. I dont need to do you any favors by looking up the discrimination laws you can do your own homework that's what you paid those lawyers to do the first time that they got so horribly WRONG!!


Preferred solution: Get rid of unlawful the mask policy .

Location: 366 North Maize Road, Wichita, KS 67212

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Once you edit your review it automatically shows up as resolved I think


Your "medical" reason doesn't stop you from catching and spreading the virus. If you don't want to wear a mask just stay out of their stores. The don't want anyone in their stores without a mask potentially spreading the virus.


You know it has a cure it's known as hydroxychloroquine so don't tell me that there is any reason to keep up this UNLAWFUL MASK POLICY!! ESPECIALLY SINCE IT IS NOT A CRIME TO ENTER INTO A PLACE OF BUSNESS UNMASKED!

SO ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR THE CURE IF YOUR THAT SCARED OF IT AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD QUIT FOLLOWING THE FAKE NEWS STORIES ON THIS! Do your homework before you spout your trap off again! Did you even read the letter or did you just comment after you read the first part!! I'm looking for more people to sue the pants off of them!!

Even Target doesn't require masks anymore. The ones that are sheep will always be sheep. I refuse to have my/your GOD GIVEN FREDOMS TAKEN AWAY ONE COMPANY AT A TIME. You can thank me when Marxism/ communism (same thing read your history this is how HITLER started) takes over our businesses first one by one then the country if we don't stand up for whats LAWFUL AND CONSTITUTIONAL.

If you only knew the reason I cannot wear a mask I would only hope you had the compassion to fully understand why I can not wear it! (I almost lost my life that day) or maybe your just one of the problems! And if your wearing a mask whats the problem my body my choice!!! Maybe your jealous that people have MEDICAL reason to not wear a mask well PRAISE GOD you don't have any medical issues..

Besides I guarantee on NOV 5th you will not hear another thing about the CHINA FLU! BYW it DOES have a cure!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND RESPONSE!!

I can only hope someone shows you the kindness you showed me today! Have a blessed day!!!


Their stores are private property and if they don't want you in their stores without a mask they have every right to ask you to leave. Unfortunately we will have to wait till January for Joe to put some realistic policies concerning the virus in place and masks will become even more common place than they. are now.


Customers need to understand that the mask policy is like "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service"...... policy

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