I went to buy 3 sliding doors with blinds. Obviously they are doing pretty well because they said I couldnt buy them unless my mask completely covered my nose.

This is after everyone has had their chance to get a vaccine.

I said ok, Im out. Ill go to Lowes I guess, even though they used to be my least favorite.

User's recommendation: Never use Menard’s again.

Preferred solution: No more masks.

Menards Cons: Mask nazi.

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If you can't do your part in preventing the spread of the virus they would much rather loose a customer like you than to loose a customer or an employee to the virus you could potentially bring into the store. Even people who have had the vaccine can still spread the virus.


" Im out. Ill go to Lowes " LOL...

I'll bet your fragile little ego and feelings were hurt when you understood they didn't care if you never returned and didn't change policy just for YOU... Get used to this.

This is what losing relevance by the day feels like. It started when you peaked in high school.


Thank you for going to Lowe’s. If you do not want to follow Menards guidelines requiring wearing a mask, they do not want you in their stores. Private property = follow their guidelines or kick rocks.


No one cares. Just leave. Everyone will be better off.

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