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My husband and I, 4/9/21 spent over 200$ in your store. Something weve done monthly or more since you opened in our town.

Wed previously only used Lowes, and will be taking this habit back up. But we do have Home Depot here as well. Anyway. We purchased a garden house.

Its been a month and exploded on me today soaking me in my work clothes. I called the store and all they are willing to do is replace it. I dont want a replacement as the quality clearly was crap. Not to mention now I have to put a yucky hose into my clear car and drive 20 mins to return it.

How on Earth is that customer service?! If this is the case we will take our 200$ plus spending else where. The manager was a total jerk. We are a nurse and a teacher and dont deserve to be treated that way after the year weve both had.

No one does. But still. No acceptable.

And then to not even be able to get a person on the phone to talk to is also unacceptable. Im not happy.

User's recommendation: Don’t shop here. They hardly try or care to make things right.

Preferred solution: You can call me back for starters. .

Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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I hope you are not a teacher because your grammar and spelling are horrible. If you have a receipt you can return the hose.

Without a receipt (guessing this is the case, although you failed to say it) exchanging it is nice of them to do. If you have a receipt and it’s under 90 days old you can get your money back in the form of your original payment. Hoses are meant to hold water.

If you do not want to get your CLEAN car dirty put it in a garbage bag. Common sense goes a long way here.

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