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Went to buy a couple of Christmas mats for our outer hall. They were priced at $3.88 each.

While in Menards I noticed some autumn/Thanksgiving mats mixed in with the Christmas mats, same size, same manufacturer (Mohawk Homes) and same material and decided to get one of them,too. While being checked out, I noticed that the autumn design mat rang up at $6.88. Questioned the cashier who wasn't sure why, but she did check and told me the autumn design mats were priced $3.00 more. She said that was because they were autumn mats and only the Christmas ones were $3.88.

What a ridiculous reason. It is going to be Thanksgiving in a matter of days and if anything the autumn mats should have been marked lower just to try to get rid of them. What a way to try to cheat your customer.

So I didn't buy the autumn one. I do pay attention to prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mat.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Let me get this're pissed off because a misplaced item (probably misplace by another guest) was 3 whole dollars higher? It is a CHRISTMAS sale that is going on, you realize that right?

That's the ad that's out right now. By the way, the employees don't make the prices, or the rules.


Complain to their Corporate Headquarters since you are this upset.

Here is their contact information.