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Today, my boyfriend and I walked to Menards to purchase a *** for our house. We both walked with back packs on to help carry our belongings as well as to safely carry our purchases home.

We shopped for approx a 1/2 hour and proceeded to the check out where suddenly my boyfriend was accused of stealing. The lady demanded to check through my boyfriends backpack even though he had not touched it from the time he set it into the cart & had not until the time the lady demanded to know if he stole something, at which point he said no, yet the lady persisted he did and asked if he was sure he didn't steal anything he said i didn't take anything. But she proceeded to tell him she would be doing a search of his bag!! We had no idea what was happening or what to do as she went all through his backpack very intensly but found nothing but then continued to squeeze the bag some more because as it seemed, this lady had it in her mind that he was guilty of stealing on the basis that she alone said so!My boyfriend had baggy shorts on & has tattoo's on his legs which we believe led this lady to stereotype him&profile him because of his look!I say this because I had my backpack on the entire time in Menards&the lady never once wanted to look in my backpack even though she saw i had one as well, I was not accused of shop lifting at all.

Neither of us were in the store to do anything more than to get a part needed to fix a switch that wore out in the house. My boyfriend was upset&so am I. The lady was very rude, ill-mannered, and hostile to him without any warrant or reason. Your employee harassed my boyfriend over a hunch she had bc of his look.

His look does not make him a thief, she had no reason to believe he was at all no more than it led her to not be suspicious of me. Yet, he was treated with disgust by your employee. I was not happy with this nor will I sit by & allow this behavior to sit quiet, which is why I am speaking up for the truth here today. To continue the story, i tried to finish up our transaction at the checkout while my boyfriend was being searched like a criminal for no reason, then I waited for her to come to me next since protocol is protocol as the lady said it was, that she had authority to search all backpacks however she walked behind me & left not caring at all about my backpack, we found this the ultimate proof that this accusation from your employee was motivated entirely by profiling & her stereotyping people by look alone.

How horrible! My boyfriend paid for our purchase and we left. However, we left very upset over the treatment of your employee to him & ultimately to us as well as to your entire store. This is shameful behavior on the part of your team.

The lady exclaimed to my boyfriend that she had to go through his backpack as a part of protocol, however if it was protocol, i would have been searched too. This is unacceptable behavior to accuse someone without reason other than the way he looked. I do not believe we need to spend our money in a place that searches one persons backpack but the next person using the logic that backpacks must equal stealing and then therefore need to be searched while the person is basically accused of the devious act of thievery. Profiling and stereotyping anyone is illegal in the case of your business, not to mention unethical & highly unnecessary.

This today, makes your business note worthy of illegal practices towards your customers. I would like my boyfriend to receive a sincere apology as he was quite upset. Also, a monetary incentive, such as a gift card, showing us that it is okay to come back into your store again is not too much to ask from you in this instance so that you can show sincerity in your apology. Please help us help you to correct the error experienced today within your store in an efficient manner.

We invite you to review the security cameras during the time we were in your store as well as discuss this with the check out lady who saw the whole thing take place. her name on our reciept is haven, 20534 07 7678 10/02/18 12:35 PM. Please contact me to discuss correcting this asap & to discuss any extra details you may need to make sure you track down the employee who did this to my boyfriend while I was with him.

I have never witnessed such brutality from one of your workers in all my years shopping in your store! It is an embarrassment to you that you have hired this person to work in your store!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lots of misinformation being spread around here. Menards is private property just like all business establishments they have the legal right to search anything that is brought onto their property, A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE NOT AWARE OF THIS UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN DETAINED AND SEARCHED.

They believe they have been wronged, but what they lack is facts about what is legal and what is not legal. My best example of this is High Schools and Universities/Colleges. Your locker and back pack are subject to searches by staff or law enforcement at any time. Airports anyone?

Been to an NFL game recently? No? All bags must be clear plastic so they can be seen into. Here is an example of a guy going into Menards yard with car and refusing to open his trunk for a search in order to leave the yard.

Police got evolved and he even took Menards to court and lost. watch this video. Also Menards has a policy that all employees lunch boxes must be checked before leaving. I'm also sure this includes big bags such as back packs and purses(this is where I think the cashier got confused by the way, but I will explain that in a moment) The only odd thing about this is the fact it was a cashier and not security.

Employees are to observe and report to management and security(very common practice in retail). There is a lot of risk being aggressive towards people about theft that can open up Menards to liability issues. It's very possible this cashier thought she was doing her job of checking bags before they leave the store. It's also very possible she only noticed his back pack because it was in the cart and yours was on your back and less noticeable(unless you out right said hey check mine too it's protocol after all.) I would like to point out that bringing a back pack into any store is asking for trouble.

Many stores even have no back packs allowed policies. In the 5 years I worked at Menards I never once saw anyone walking around the store with a backpack and had I would have reported it to management to look into possible theft because employees are trained to keep an eye out for odd behavior and odd clothing choices to conceal items. We once had an old man using an oxygen tank to conceal items and steal.



That is considered an illegal search. Should that happen again, they need to get the police involved and then sue the store. You should not have allowed them to go through your pack.


{{redacted}} all of you pro Menrads *** heads in the comment section


*** Menard's knows as well as every other retailer that unless a theft is caught on video it is impossible to get a conviction. They saw him steal something on their loss prevention cameras and told the front end manager to find out what was stolen.

They don't allow cashiers to arbitrarily search peoples' belongings without having that video evidence. That would open them up for a huge lawsuit. The already have the proof. So if i were you i certainly wouldn't be pursuing any legal action against them.

They will pull that video out in court and your boyfriend will be hauled from the court in handcuffs. So good luck with that.


If they had proof why didn't the search turn up the product they have "proof" he was trying to steal? Although they may not have been stealing, wearing backpacks into a store is rather odd and would lead to scrutiny by security personnel. Next time, leave the backpacks at home.


They have to be sure and they have to find the item. They do not have any authority to search or seizure.

That is the police that have that authority.

Even if you are stealing all you have to do is keep walking and there isnt anything they can do to you. Now that will be deemed as suspicious behavior of course and they obviously have the authority to ban you from their property.