My son and I visited Menards today in Mt. Vernon, il.

When entering my son was stopped and asked about a mask. He explained that his breathing is compromised due to recent throat surgery in which his scar is visible with a metal supported neck brace. As we continued throughout the store, 2 more employees asked him about a mask. When we were checking out 2 more approached him and one asked him to leave the store.

We stated that we were checking out and we would leave. The man Told him to go outside and let me pay for his items. It is 37 degrees outside and pouring down rain. This is unacceptable treatment and my family is not happy.

We will not be supporting the Menards store again. I asked for a complaint card and was not given one.

He deserves an apology. We do not appreciate being treated like this.

Location: Louisville, Illinois

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Awww how cute. A grown man’s mommy wants to file a complaint on his behalf.

How sad.... Stop embarrassing this “boy” and let him be a man.


He deserves no apology. His throat surgery won't prevent him from spreading the virus should he have it.

Menards is trying to protect their customers and employees by requiring a mask. If you don't want to wear one just stay out of their stores.


Looks like you forgot to teach your son about the effects smoking has on the human body. Apparently he's learning the hard way, but menards staffing does not want to put themselves nor the public for his years of supporting the Marlboro man.

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