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Menards from Bridgeview il 09.01.21 around 5 pm Ashely who is a manager ( I dont know how she is in that position with this attitude ). She call me ignorant and you shut up right st the customer service returns .

UNACCEPTABLE. She is NOT for a job as manager. PLUS I asked her if is somebody above her position that time in the store and she yelled me and she lied to me and said NO Im the manager.

That time the general manager assistant was in the store. UNACCEPTABLE !!!!

User's recommendation: Kick Ashely out from that store. And never have a job like that.

Preferred solution: Ashley out from there. Never a job like that for her. SHAME wrong job for her and who put her to work with customers..

Menards Pros: Product, Good price, Selection of building materials, Products.

Menards Cons: Treatment of customers.

Location: 9410 South Harlem Avenue, Bridgeview, IL 60455

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Anti bullying restrictions do not apply to menards staff. They love to name call, insult, or just walk away from a customer who is fustrated, needs advice on a project, or just need assistance putting a heavy item in a cart.

They love phases such as "I'm the boss" " your a thief" or "that's not my job" however they fail to understand the very customers they make fun of and insult are the very people who provide them with a paycheck, hours, and allowed them to maintain employment from day 1 of the pandemic.

Anyone else would be grateful and appreciative, but again menards staff love dropping 4 letter words at a customer holding a masterforce saw that lasted 3 cuts before burning out accusing him of "rent and return". Take your business elsewhere.

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