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I purchaced UltraDeck from Menards to build a 30 X 30 Deck. It was installed by 2 perfessional carpenters under the direction on Bill Fleming a Menards employee Title Commerical / Contractor - Account Manager.

After 1 year the boards have wraped, shunked, and faded to look like raw wood.

Menards owns Midwest Manufacturing who manufactures this product. I have filed all the paperwork to get sometype of refund so I can save some of the $16,000.00 I have invested in this project.

After reaching the product, which I should have done before I purchaced it, I found many other people having the same problem.

Menards will take no responsible

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I agree ours is a couple years old now. Looks like it is 90 years old.

Looks awful. We are going to stain it to make It look better.

Then It will not be maintenance free anymore.

Would not recommend getting this from menards. It is junk


RUSerious, I believe you've from Madison. You're close-minded and judgmental.

For the record:

"Nice" shouldn't have been capitalized.

There should be a comma after the word "state."

It should be "a lot," not "alot."

"So-called" is hypenated.

"Correct" should be "correctly."

"Scape Goat" should be "scapegoat."

Thanks for sharing your grammar, intellect, and superior education.


For the record, it's are you serious not RUSerious, and it's you're not you've from Madison. You should look in the mirror before you quote "For the record" lol what a idot


First, Nice grammar and spelling("shrunked and wraped"). Second, if you had "reached" or researched (for those of us who are educated) the product before you bought it you would see that they clearly state "This product is built using recycled wood fibers.

Because of this the decking will fade over time. This in no way will affect the structual quality or integrity of the decking." The sun is very powerful and there is no such thing as something that will not be affected by it. Third, just because someone calls themself a professional, does not mean they are. I have had alot of work done to my house and had bad experiences with contractors who were so called professionals.

Most of the bad experiences were because I did not research them before I hired them. How do you know for sure it was installed correct?

What if they installed it wrong and are using Menards as their own personal Scape Goat? It sounds to me like you are just trying to get Menards to pay for your deck.


I haven't had the product down for 2 months yet and it is already having issues, falling apart excessive fading.Also what does someones grammer have to do with the way this product holds up. Sound to me like you're trying to avoid the issue.