Clarksburg, West Virginia

We have spent over 226,729.27 @ menards in a 10 year period. We bought material for a customer of ours and 4 years later the ultra deck has no color and looks like it was made with untreated 2x4s.

Thanks menards for standing behind your manufactures. We are cutting up all of our cards today. will not buy at manareds again.

we have the application for the home depot and Lowes being filled out as we speak. When I brought this up to my attorney , he said this is common practice for manards that is what we will find in the court room ( DIRTY SHAME )

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I also had terrible experience with UltraDeck (it shrunk within 3 years), and Midwest Manufacturing and Menards would not fulfill the warranty unless I tore deck apart and brought all pieces back to the store. This would have cost me as much as buying a new deck.

Menards is a slimeball operation, as is Midwest Manufacturing. Avoid them!


Had similar experience. Considering starting a class action against Midwest and Menards. Terrible product and misleading warranty.


I had a the exact same experience with Home Depot!


I purchased UltraDeck from Menards,paid extra for the 20 foot length in the fusion gray. I am so sorry I purchased this defective product.

They offer a 10 year guarantee, but it is worthless. The deck boards have warped and sag between the 16 inch stringers. When it rains the deck holds water until I blow the water off with the leaf blower.

Very, very poor quality composite deck boards, along with a worthless warranty and sold by a non-caring Menards. Save your money.


I bought about 2000 linear feet of ultradeck boards. They weren't even on a year and started sagging, bubbling and peeling.

Now we are taking them off and getting good boards at Home Depot. Menards would not stand behind their product. Said call company.

Company said I can mail them back at my cost and they will mail me new ones at my cost. These boards are heavy and would cost a small fortune to send back.


the deck boards I bought from Menards shrank in some place up to 3/4" in length of the ultra deck happen in 2010


My UltraDeck QuickCap also shrunk well within the warranty period and they will not pay to fix the problem. "Warranty" is useless.

Midwest Manufacturing is a scam operation. Stay away from their products!


Unhappy with my UltrDeck Fusion composite Deck material. Boards are warping and sag between stringers and hold water after each rain and it turns to ice in freezing weather.

Menards products are junk, junk, junk. Would never buy from them again.


Had our deck built a couple of years ago using the ultra decking. Very disappointed for the amount of money spent on it.

The boards either warped or split on the ends. I have had to replace boards the past 2 years.

Their product might be cheaper but the quality is horrible. Wish I had the money to redo it using the Trex decking.

@T. Patterson

Trex decking from Lowes is not any better!!!!


We bought cedar deck boards from them and they didn't last even 6 years even though we kept the maintenance up on them. A builder friend of mine said he has seen it happen to others with the same product used.

We got about 6 years and spent over $3000 k on material. I feel ripped off.

@G. Judy

Cedar is a natural wood product. It isn't man made. Don't know how you can blame a store or manufacturer for the performance of a natural product.


Watch out for Menard’s composite decking from Midwest Manufacturing UltraDeck! I stepped out onto the deck and 12” section snapped underfoot.

My leg is wider than the plank and wedged between the planks. We called the fire Dept. Next day, we saw another plank with cracks in it. And the deck is only a year old.

Lucky there weren’t other people on the deck and it’s not raised more than 16” off the ground. Could have been worse.


Installing ultra deck this past weekend and my son fell through also


I got 32 16 foot ultradeck Fusion boards delivered in May and 15 were broken in some way and one wasn't even the right color! Took 3 weeks to get them replaced because they were on back order.How the new 15 don't match the original beck boards.The local building inspector totally saw this coming, he said I would have trouble with the junk from menards.Consider something else.


now it is june 2018 and menards is horrible for their ultra deck material.. long time professional home builder and never seen anything like this...they do not even have sleeves for the 6x6 post...everything is cheap, cheap and cost much more to build..I also bought from menards the better grade and they sent me the cheapest..I told them about it and they said that I had to write a report ?

A report ? I paid menards not the takes 3 times as long to build a deck with this stuff..several contractors walked away with this product and refused to build it..WARNING...


Dealing with trying to install a ultra deck fence now. Wish I would have product reviews before purchasing


We put UltraDeck Quick cap on our deck. It looked good for about a year but has since faded substantially.

I’m probably into this project for about $6-7000 and am unhappy with the results.

I wouldn’t spend a penny on this crap if I had known what it would look like now. If u are planning a project like this don’t go to Menards


Did it fade like the pictures on the displays show it would?


Menards is NOT CUSTOMER friendly - doesn't matter how loyal you are (or were). I bought a chainsaw there, tried it, wouldn't start,Mernards wouldn't take it back - said I had to go to their suggestedrepair place to get it fixed.

The repair place said there is a defective piece that is NOT COVERED by the manufacturer.Told Menards the story, they didn't care.

Never again... Don't get screwed by Menards.