Mchenry, Illinois

the menards in fox lake illinois has lost my business.i have just returned from triing to return three four by eight three quarter pink insolation board value thrity dallars.i purchaced them the day receipt no id no care,i was turned away.subsequentuley i let the items there without concern,you need my money i do not need yours.last year i went to menards to buy three bushes.i removed the tags went in paid,come back to the parking lot loaded the bushes and hour later the police are at my door asking me about stolen bushes.i provide a receipt from the time that theft took place.the officer said he would return to menards and have them exsplain their lack of comunication.i never heard another word about the insodent no apologese no remorse no id no reciept no now i say no to menards.

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normally i'd tell this guy how dumb he is, but his wonderful use of the english language has already accomplished this for me.

I can't even figure out what the heck he's trying to say!


Well since you are so *** that you can't type with capital letters or spell correctly I doubt they care about losing an *** such as yourself. It is spelled dollars you ***.